Yodel Track My Item – Delivery Times UK & Contact Number to Speak to a Person

Myyodel.co.uk Tracking – Checking Status by Parcel Number or by Consignment

Yodel Track My Item: Many times people need to deliver or receive parcels and sometimes you need to track it. In order to help customers with it, Yodel allows managing delivery or collection online at its website. It is very convenient and saves on time. Here we will discuss on Yodel delivery times the UK and telephone number to speak to a person.

Customers of Yodel can visit the website and track the status of your parcel or make changes to delivery. One can ask for a redelivery of the parcel in case of missing a delivery or even can collect the parcel oneself.

You can track the status of your parcel using a tracking number if your tracking number starts with JD or by using parcel number or consignment number at any time of the day. It allows checking the status even when the parcel is in transit, by parcel number or by Consignment.

About Yodel

Yodel is the very popular parcel delivery service in the United Kingdom. It is ranked as the second largest parcel delivery service in the UK after Royal Mail. It provides online service that helps with tracking the parcel.

How To Manage Your Parcel Delivery Or Collection At www.myyodel.co.uk?


  • You have to be a customer of Yodel and have a valid UPI or Calling Card Reference number to track or ask for redelivering your parcel or collection online.
  • If your tracking number of your parcel starts with JD, you should either have your parcel number or consignment number/reference to track the status of your parcel.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit the website  at http://www.Myyodel.co.uk
  2. If you want to track your parcel and/or make changes to your delivery, enter your UPI number and postcode in the space provided and then click on the “Find” button to show tracking result.
  3. If you have missed a delivery, enter your Calling Card Reference number and postcode in the space provided, then click “Find” button and you can make a request for a redelivery or can also collect from Yodel’s depot by yourself.
  4. If the tracking number of your parcel starts with JD, click on the red link to track the status of your parcel. If you choose track “by parcel number”, enter parcel number and then submit to track. To track “by consignment”, enter consignment number/reference, contact number, and collection date and then submit to track.
  5. For any further question, you can always visit at Yodel Help FAQ:http://www.yodel.co.uk/help.aspx

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