www.sheetz.com Registration: MySheetz Card Activation and Login

In-depth Guide to Sheetz.com Card Registration: MySheetz Card Login

MySheetz Card registration gives you even more power of collecting fabulous rewards on purchases at the Sheetz store every time. The cardholders have the privilege to join the MySheetz Card loyalty program to grab the advantage of earning rewardz or cash back pointz on almost anything they buy at the store. Keep shopping to collect more and more reward points that get you exciting prizes.

www.sheetz.com Registration: MySheetz Card Activation and Login

If you have collected the MySheetz Card at the Sheetz store already, read the Sheetz credit card login and activation guide herein to control all credit card operations online using a laptop or Smartphone.

MySheetz Card Activation

If you visit the Sheetz store too often, take advantage of shopping with the MySheetz card registration and start collecting rewardz on almost all in-store purchases. You can collect the MySheetz Card at the Sheetz Store anytime. If you got a new Sheetz card recently, you must first register the card online at the Sheetz.com website for activation. 

  1. Visit the website https://www.sheetz.com/ 
  2. Click on the ‘Login In/Sign Up’ tab on the top right corner of the homepage
  3. If you are a new user and want to register the card, click on the Sign Up tab in the Login dialog box
  4. You must fill in the personal info, create a strong password and connect the MySheetz card on the online registration form 
  5. Once you have entered all the details correctly, click on the ‘Create Account’ tab to complete the sign up process

Note: You must provide all details on the sign up form correctly to complete the card registration process. To connect the MySheetz card to your online account, provide the 10-digit card number and enter the 4-digit PIN at the appropriate section.

Once you register the online account for the MySheetz card, you are automatically enrolled for the card. Now you can enter the registered email id and password to login to Sheetz credit card account.

Mysheetz Card Loyalty Program

Joining the MySheetz Card loyalty program allows the customers to receive 5 pointz on almost anything purchased at the Sheetz store. Additionally, you will get 3¢ off on gas every day. Depending on your purchase history on the card at the end, you will get the Fan, Friends and the Freak status. All registered members enjoy the advantages of the Fan status. Those who gather 1000 pointz or more on their card reach the Friends status and those with 2500+ pointz reach the highest Freak status.

Benefits of Reaching the Freak Status 

There is an array of special opportunities to enjoy when you reach the Freak status at the end of the year.

  • Receive invitation to special events
  • Try new items at the Sheetz store free of cost
  • Receive exclusive Sheetz Shwags and other freebies

Do the Sheetz Reward Pointz Expire?

Yes, the pointz and rewardz earned on the MySheetz card expire after 1 year from the date of getting them on the card. The one-year period is a long term to gather enough points on your card to win bigger prizes. Soon after the implementation of the new rules, the customers are finding it easy to reach the Freak threshold by accumulating 2500 pointz on their card account.

Get More Power with the Sheetz App

Whether you are using an Android phone or a portable Apple iOS device, the Sheetz app gives you the power to take full control of the MySheetz credit card account even when you are on the go. View the points collected on your card, get the hottest in-store deals and updates, locate a store, see the nutritional information about all Sheetz stuff, purchase and manage gift cards and lots more on your mobile app. For new sign up topics visit home page.

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