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Videotron Tech Support: Customer Center Phone Number

Videotron customer service Canada has various options like, phone number, chat and email. Videotron customer center phone number is 1-877-512-0911. Their automated service is available 24/7 on 1-866-380-2967 number. Some of the very important services we are using in routine are normally provided by the some government authorized and sometimes by privates companies, right? Services like electricity, telephone, mobile, internet any many other. However you can have more than one option to choose from. You can select your service provider as per your choice. Well, it is always better to go with that trusted and used by most of people in your area.

Videotron Customer Service Canada

Nowadays, many companies have started to provide more than one services. It means the same company provides you many services. It makes your many tasks so easy. About the company here we are going to discuss here today is also the same company that provides more than one services to the customers. Company is from Canada and name of this company is Videotron. Well, it is a quiet old company, so may be many of you are aware of this company. Still who don’t know about Videotron, its products and services and other can come to know by going through the below company profile where you can collect detailed information about the company. So, take a look below at the same.

About Videotron

Videotron Ltd is a Canadian incorporated telecommunications company. It operates as a cable, mobile telephony, and Internet service provider in Canada. It was founded in year 1964. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc. Company offers number of products and services to the customers. It offers cable Internet access through cable modems; digital television services with packages and cable telephony services through VoIP technology. It also provides video-on-demand services, operates pay-per-view and pay television channels and traditional cable television services. In addition, it provides various business telecommunication services including cable television, Internet, telephony, mobile services, and business solutions products such as hosting, private network connectivity, WIFI, and audio and video transmission services.

The company serves small, medium, and large size companies and residential customers. As per recent survey, Videotron serves more than 1,794,100 cable television customers including 1,529,700 subscribers to Digital TV. It is also a leading provider of high-speed Internet access with 1,415,600 subscribers. Videotron has 551,300 subscriber connections to its mobile telephone service and cable telephone service users 1,276,200.

When millions of customers trust Videotron products and services then company is also care for them. That is why company offers award winning customer service support to its valuable customers. If you visit the official website of the company then you can see that there is a enough information about each product and service provided by Videotron. There are information divided sections wise in packages, Television, Internet, Telephony and Mobile. Along with this there is one more option “Customer Centre”.

Videotron Customer centre helps you to manage services the way you want. With the customer centre,

  • You can able to change your channels.
  • User can record a program.
  • You can view your Mobile and Internet usage.
  • It becomes easy to manage your Internet data add-ons.
  • You can able to view your online bill.
  • You will allow to access content.
  • If require then you can report a change of address.
  • You can able to try the new User Centre + app.

So, you see there are number of benefits of using Customer Center of Videotron. However it is necessary to sign up for this service first. Just by providing some information about you, can easily sing up for Customer Centre. Once you successfully sign up for this service, all you have to do is to sign in your Customer Center account. Take a look below at the snapshot of a secure sign in page of Videotron Customer Centre. You will get more idea about it.


Please sign in to access the page you want

Videotron customer center login

As shown above, you just have to enter your username and password and press on “SIGN IN” button. In case you want to avoid entering the same details every time you sing in, you can check the option “Remember me”. This will save your sing in information on your computer. To help you in retrieving your username or password if you loss or forgot, click on the link “I forget my username or password”.

If you are not able to sign up for customer center service then don’t worry about. Because for general question and related to other queries there is a customer support center number 1-877-512-0911 available. You can call on this number at mentioned time on the website.

If you wish then online chat service with customer support executive is also available there. So, as per your convenient you can choose any of the given options to contact customer service support of Videotron. They are always happy to serve you the best.

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