Tracking USPS Packages – Update Order & Change of Address

Track USPS package without/with tracking number

USPS stands for United States Postal Service. Here we will discuss on how to track USPS shipment without tracking number? The company came into existence in 1971 in July in Washington and almost 546,000 employees are connected with it and operate over 218000 vehicles. It is an independent agency in the united stated which provide postal service in the United States. They have to provide postal service to all the Americans at same price and quality.

It is very easy to use their postal service and in case you want to update any change of address order from USPS, you have two options, one is by visiting their website online and another is through the post office. If in case you go for online, then in that case you must have confirmation code and zip code and by providing this two details, you can sign in to your account and then you can update or change of address order easily and along with this service you can easily carry on other activity too and they are

You can change your phone number
You can change your mail forwarding end date
You update or cancel your change of address order
You can change your mail forwarding start date

Way to update a USPS change of Address order online

It is very easy to update the change in address order online and also this service is free of cost as there is no extra charge you have to pay in order to avail the benefit of this service.
To avail the benefit of this service you need to have a computer or any other device with an internet connection from where you can access USPS official website, Need to have the Zip code and confirmation code on hand which you have received from USPS.


  • Visit the website of View, Update or cancel your USPS change of address order by visiting the link,
  • There you have to provide your 5-digit new zip code and 16-digit confirmation code (if you have submitted your form via online then you will get your confirmation code from the confirmation email and if you have submitted your form at post office then you will get the code on the address order confirmation which is sent to your new address) and then click the icon stating “Submit”
  • After entering the detail you will get the sign in and a new web page will open where you can easily update your USPS change of address order now.

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