Top 10 ABA Approved Affordable Paralegal Programs

Top Ten ABA-Approved Affordable Paralegal courses List

Top 10 ABA Approved Affordable Paralegal Programs: Many are taking up the paralegal profession. It is a challenging and rewarding field. There are many paralegal jobs available and you also make good earning. Here we check best and top 10 ABA-approved affordable paralegal programs or courses list.

Top Ten ABA Approved Affordable Paralegal courses List

Featured Paralegal Programs

Many Universities, colleges, and schools offer courses in paralegal studies. There are about 1000 schools in the United States that offer paralegal training programs. The America Bar Association, ABA has accredited only 260 paralegal programs out of these. It is not mandatory that you have a degree in paralegal studies that are approved by ABA, but to have ABA approved degree enhances your career prospectus.

Association members and other employers prefer to hire candidates with ABA approved degree.

Following given is a list of top ten ABA approved paralegal programs. 

1. University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA offers an extension course program that consists of 30 credit hours which is divided into modules to be completed. On completion of the modules, you can complete your paralegal certification. An emphasis is laid on practical skills and legal technology. It also offers an option of online paralegal degree program. The modern program makes it possible to obtain a paralegal degree online and places much emphasis on.

2. Syracuse University

Syracuse offers a post-baccalaureate degree or a certificate program in legal studies. The program mainly focuses on practical skills and critical thinking about ethics in the legal field.

3. Georgetown University

Georgetown University offers paralegal studies program and the emphasis of the course is on in-depth legal analysis. It includes topics related to job preparedness and practical skills.

4. Auburn University

Auburn University offers paralegal certificate program that is nationally acclaimed for its comprehensive education. It consists of six-weekend sessions and it is an ideal program for those who have a time constraint. It covers many topics from research to legal writing and is geared around real-life practice situations.

5. Texas A & M University

Texas A & M’s offers paralegal programs that provide a comprehensive understanding of almost all fields of the legal work. It mainly focuses on the fundamentals of constitutional law, family law, real estate law, legal research civil procedure and many more. The Texas A & M paralegal program is recognized for find rewarding jobs in the paralegal.

6. Tulane University

Tulane offers paralegal programs that cover topics from research to advanced courtroom preparation. It is a very flexible program and one can enroll in the online program also.

7. University of Louisville

The University of Louisville offers certification programs in paralegal studies. It provides paralegal program participants with a job bank.

8. University of Arkansas

Paralegal program at the University of Arkansas is available online or through convenient lecture hours.It covers many topics from computer skills to legal research.

9. University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice offers the school’s paralegal program that helps develop communication, interpersonal and technological skills, legal research and much more necessary for paralegals.

10. University of Tulsa

The University of Tulsa offers post-baccalaureate paralegal program and produces skilled paralegals. It also provides internships at local organizations and law firms. On average the program is completed in 12 months.

You choose a paralegal program that has a long track record of excellence and provides online training also. Get equipped with the knowledge and have a flying career in paralegal studies.

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