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TaxAct Estimated Tax Return or Payments

TaxACT login tax return: It is a software which is into filing the tax. It is one of the best software in the market. Here we will discuss on TaxACT free file edition review and estimator 2017. It is quite reliable software which is present in the United States. It has various versions like Free Edition, Deluxe, Ultimate Bundle and Home & Business. It also has online version which includes Free Federal Edition, Deluxe (Federal), and Ultimate Bundle (Deluxe + State).

There come two which customers can enter data i.e. interview format or the forms-based entry method. There is no limitation in any of the versions. You are going to be the highest degree of accuracy and completeness in filling your tax.

TaxACT online products and services have some guarantees for its users. A Maximum federal refund pledge is provided to those who accepted federal e-filed returns. Beside everything, when you print or file a return on an internet, you are guaranteed that the price advertised in the offer you are given. The free version is one of the exclusive and best amongst all the features given by the TaxACT, as you need not pay even a single cent for filing your return on the internet.

How Can You Start Your 2017 Free Tax Return at

Requirements – A computer with active internet access is required.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Just open the computer up.
  2. Double click on any of the browser.
  3. Log on to the website
  4. On the page now, click “Start FREE Return” which will be present here.
  5. If you are not registered with TaxACT, register it as it will contain newsletter which will be beneficial for you and you will be updated with the TaxACT information. 
  6. If you are not interested in registration, click on “Register later”.
  7. Now you will be directed to the welcome page of TaxACT Online, click on button “Continue” to get continue.
  8. Provide with information that if you have to use TaxACT online before or not.
  9. Provide with your information when and where required to like your age, your filing status, your total wages in 2016-17-18, etc.
  10. Now select from the menu for the service you want to access like filing status, estimated payments, personal info, etc.

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