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Employees Guide to Manage Wageworks take care Account Login

WageWorks Take Care is one of the most reliable programs that the employers can choose for their employees’ Health Savings Account (HSA). If you want to manage your account then go to ‘express login’ tab on www.takecarewageworks.com, you will be redirect on myflexonline com login page. The employees can make smart decisions by joining the HSA programs. This decision-making allows the beneficiaries to combine their existing health insurance plans with the HSA program to achieve additional coverage not included in their plan.

WageWorks offers the comforts of choosing flexible payment options, access their account online via user-friendly tools etc. If you want to enroll for additional health savings facilities through the company, herein is a comprehensive Wageworks take care login guide to ease the job further.

Create WageWorks take care Account

WageWorks allows the employees to manage their HSA online. The employers can create their account as the initial user and later introduce the company employees to the list. The initial new user (mainly the employer) needs to create an account with his or her own username and password. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Visit the WageWorks take care website at http://www.takecarewageworks.com/ 
  • In the Express Login section, click on the ‘Employer Access’ option
  • In the next section, choose the desired option (take care by WageWorks*)
  • On the login page, click on the tab ‘New User’- this will direct you to the employer registration page. You need to provide accurate details during the registration process to allow the system to store the data for future access. 

* WageWorks offers two different choices for the employers- “take care by WageWorks” and “Cobra by WageWorks”

Information required for New User Registration

  • Federal Identification Number
  • Company Code
  • Zip Code (Location of the Company)
  • Email Id

You will be able to choose new username for WageWorks correspondence. Now you will be able to set a preferred password, security question, and unique answer to the question. These details ensure your account is 100% safe on the WageWorks take care website. Choose your security question and answer very carefully. This information will be helpful to reset your password in case you forget it.
The username should contain 6-16 characters with alphanumeric combination. You cannot use any special characters in the username.

After you create the username and the password, use this information on the login page to view and take actions on your account dashboard. Once the employer creates an account, he/she can login to create additional user IDs for the employees of the organization.

Manage Eligibility Tab

The employer will get the Manage Eligibility tab on his account dashboard. This allows the employer to check the eligibility criteria of a current employee and authorizes him to create new accounts or terminate any existing account when required.

The company also applying for debit cards at WageWorks will get an additional tab called the ‘Manage Your Debit Card’. In addition to these tabs, there are others for information, obtaining forms for various application purposes, reports etc. In addition to these, a special ‘New Year Enrollment’ tab remains disabled throughout the year. It is activated for all employers during the New Year season for open enrollment.

Why Enroll for WageWorks take care HSA 

Creating health savings plans with WageWorks is a good choice for the employers to help the entire workforce in the company to save up to 40% on annual medical expenses. With the take care HSA, the employees will be able to make tax-free withdrawals, save money through eligible healthcare expenses and lots more.

With the ability to take full control of the money in the take care account and wise spending options, you will be able to ease the things while saving money. You can do all these and much more from the comforts of your place online. For more details on WageWorks take care facilities, visit www.takecarewageworks.com.

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