Swagbucks Surveys 2021: Is This Program Right For You?

Whenever, I come across online survey programs or cash back websites, there is one question in the mind- Is it legit or yet another scam?

This is why, I always conduct online search for real time customer reviews. If you are like me, read on the Swagbucks Surveys 2021 review to get a fair idea of what to expect when you sign up for the program.

How to Join the Swagbucks Surveys Program

It is free to sign up and participate in the Swagbucks surveys. You can either sign up with your Facebook account or email id. On the Swagbucks website homepage click on the blue, tab titled ‘Sign Up Now’ to get started.

Once you are registered with the Swagbucks.com, you can log in to your account every day to participate in the surveys, shop online etc. You can also download the Swagbucks toolbar on your system to get direct and quick access to your account.

Ways to Earn Reward Points and Cash Back on Swagbucks

While there are manifold, ways earn money or gift cards on Swagbucks, here are some of the most popular ones to raise your income fast.

Sign Up for Special Offers

There are several offers on Swagbucks allowing you to earn higher points for signing up on their partner websites, registering for special offers. When choosing the offers, always ensure to sign up with the no cost No Obligation Special Offers only.

Earn Swagbucks Points by Taking Surveys

On this website, you earn points by taking surveys. Each swagbuck is equivalent to one point. However, it may seem too much time consuming compared to the earnings. You must measure the time taken compared to the earnings.

Shop Online at the Swagbucks Website

There are several brands on the website with links directed to reputed shopping sites. If you are looking for similar products, these links can give you the best cash back deal on every purchase. You can accumulate enough cash back on your account and get the money through PayPal payments.

Increase Earnings with the Referral Programs

You can accumulate up to 1000 Swagbucks by referring just one friend to the website. Once he completes the sign up process, you earn points or cash back.

Participate in Opinion Polls

Taking part in online polls is easy enough to gather Swagbucks quickly. Answer some simple questions to complete a poll and earn points.

Trade-In Old Goods

Do you have an old mobile handset or video game not in use anymore? Trade-in these items on this website to earn Swagbucks.

Things You Will Love About Swagbucks

  • 100% legit online money making program
  • You will find multiple options to earn money online
  • Several ways to get paid- Amazon gift cards, PayPal transfers etc
  • Good part-time income from home for teenagers
  • Access your account on the web as well as with the mobile app
  • The program is open for sign up in 5 countries

Factors You Must Consider Deeply Before Joining Swagbucks

  • Swagbucks uses the Bing search engine, which may be inconvenient for some users
  • Some people get carried away in programs that are not worth the time, effort or in terms of promising returns


In the final words, I can assure you that Swagbucks Surveys 2021 is completely legit program offering multiple options to earn money online, get cash back on purchases, and take paid surveys and much more.

This is surely not the ‘get rich quickly’ type of money making programs online but you will earn cash backs on online shopping and even earn money taking some surveys. You will have various choices to redeem the earnings every month in a way that best suits your preferences.