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Soaps” is a website which gives all information about the daytime dramas. One easily gets all the update of all the daytime drama, in case he missed that soap and they also provide some interesting information about the star cast of the drama. spoilers are must searchable query for users. Here we will discuss on she knows, message boards and spoilers for next week.

The web portal also shows videos of the exclusive interview which are covered by them of soap start and also there are different videos of different important events. This time watch drama episode of TV through the internet is a trend.

One has the opportunity to get closer to the site by getting register themselves with and once you get to register with the site you can easily update yourself with all the different latest activity and get more information about daytime soap.

Way to register for an online account on

It is very easy and simple to create an account to check spoilers and watch missed episodes of TV through the internet. One just need is a computer with internet access and personal information on hand which includes name, date of birth, gender etc.


  • Visit the home page at 
  • There at the bottom of the web page on right-hand side click the icon “Register
  • New web page will open in which you have to provide some of the information like Email address, password, first name, last name, Date of birth, gender, also mention your screen name and then below there are some details which are optional for you to fill like country name, state, address, city, telephone number etc and then tick the box stating “send me news and information” and also tick the box stating “I have read and agree to privacy policy” and then click the “Submit
  • Follow the instruction given there and complete the registration process.

After providing all the required details, they will mail you the activation link in return by which you can activate your account and then one can post a new topic, can reply to threads and also have newsletters which are sent by them. It is always advisable not to use and abuse language for any actor while doing the posting on this site and if in case anybody posts anything which is not appropriate for the site then in that case they have full authority to delete that post.

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