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Register for Vodafone Get My Photo – Vodafone Studio Account Login

With the fast internet and advanced mobile telephony, it has become very easier to send messages with videos, pictures etc. Vodafone also wants its customers to facilitate with all the features and allows sending or receiving pictures even if you do not have a camera or video phone and sharing the best shots of your life with your friends is made easier. They provide Vodafone Get My Photo service that allows you to do so. And you just need to visit and register to the website. It does not take any charge for this service. Here we will also discuss on Vodafone studio account login.

Register for Vodafone Get My Photo
Register for Vodafone Get My Photo

What Is Vodafone Get My Photo Service?

Vodafone is a very popular global telecommunication company based in UK. It was established in 1991 and has it’s headquarter is in London. The company is a provider of mobile and fixed telephony, internet and digital television service. It provides its services in almost 30 countries and is a partner with other companies in other 40 countries. It is very recognized for its services and has reached to as many as 440 million subscribers across the world.

It provides many online services and Get My Photo is one powerful service provided by it that allows sending and receiving photo and video messages via the internet. Vodafone is the third largest mobile telecommunication company in the world by total revenue. It is a public company and listed on the London Stock Exchange as well as NASDAQ.

How To Use Vodafone Get My Photo Service?


  • You must be a Vodafone user.
  • You must have a device that allows you to access internet.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. You will receive a text message informing you that you can view the message on Get My Photo whenever you receive a picture or video message from someone.
  2. Visit the official website at within 30 days from you receive notification text message as the messages you receive can be stored in Get My Photo for 30 days only. 
  3. Enter your mobile phone number in the specified field.
  4. Enter the password into the specified field that you have received with the notification text message.
  5. Then you can view the message you have received and you can also store, delete, reply, forward it to others if you would like to. It also allows you to send a new message to someone else.
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