How to Register for E-ZPass Automated Electronic Toll Collection System

Paying tolls on the road from time to time can be a dilemma especially when you are in a hurry. Receiving notification for pending tolls is also inconvenient for many people who do not want to go through the strenuous processes thereafter. E-ZPass program, run by the Virginia Department of Transportation, is the ultimate solution for all riders to keep going without any stops, paying tolls, and notifications. Want to know how E-ZPass works for you. Read on to learn everything you need to get going hassle-free with the tolls.

What is E-ZPass?

E-ZPass is the government regulated electronic mechanism system for toll collection on various tolled routes in the US, especially in the Northeast, Midwest, Illinois, and North Carolina. The system allows the riders and drivers to register E-ZPass account and install a transponder on the vehicle’s license plate or windshield. Thereafter, the system allows the toll authorities to track the vehicles on the tolled roads, tunnels and bridges by monitoring the transponder followed by the amount deduction from the E-ZPass account.

The entire system works with compliance with the data security standards allowing encrypted data transfers protected by 2048 RSA SSL. This means, whenever, your vehicle passes through the tolled route, the monitoring for your vehicle transponder and toll deduction from the E-ZPass account is complete authorized and secure.

About E-ZPass Account Registration

You do not have to go anywhere to create the E-ZPass account. Register your account (Personal or Business account) online anytime and get the transponder installed on your vehicle. Before registering your account, ensure you have the E-ZPass transponder ID and driver license handy. You will need to provide the following details at the time of account registration:

  • E-ZPass transponder ID
  • Driver License number
  • Vehicle information as on the license plate
  • Bank details (in case you want to reload money on to your account online)

You can do much more with your E-ZPass account than paying tolls with the automatic deduction.

  • Add funds to your account online
  • Make donations to the DRIVE SMART Virginia Education Fund
  • Update personal information anytime
  • View transaction history for all the deductions
  • Set alerts to receive notifications directly to your email

How to Login to E-ZPass Account

If you already have an account, follow these simple steps for E-ZPass login*.

  • Visit
  • Click on the ‘Account Login’ tab on the left menu of the homepage
  • On the login page, enter your user ID and password and hit the Login tab

*When you login to your account for the first time, send a request to receive your secure PIN. Once you receive the PIN, you will be able to set up the username and password for your E-ZPass account.

E-ZPass Flex (Only for Two-Axle Vehicles)

With the E-ZPass Flex and High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) mode set on your vehicle transponder, you get the discount to travel on the toll-free Virginia High Occupancy Toll (HOT) zone. In order to travel free of cost, you must ensure there are specified number of occupants in the vehicle.

Reload E-ZPass Account

You may choose to reload money into E-ZPass account online or even at the participating centers through cash payment.

Final Thoughts

E-ZPass has introduced the most user-friendly interface to pay the tolls but all in a hassle-free way. Create a prepaid account, load money into your account and install the E-ZPass transponder on your vehicle. That’s all, you need to do. Whenever your car passes through the toll roads or zones, the toll will be automatically deducted from the prepaid account as the electronic mechanism takes note of the transponder. Simply reload your card at any of the participating centers or online and you are on the go without any further problems.

For further details on E-ZPass, please visit