PCH Sweepstakes Entry: Steps to Enter and Registration for Great Prizes

Receiving an invitation to enter the PCH (Publishers Clearing House) sweepstakes always seems to be an alluring chance to get dream prizes. However, the million-dollar prize seems yet another scam to many people. If you think so, there is nothing wrong in it as the whopping prize is too good to believe. For those who are too speculative about the PCH Sweepstakes Entry, read on this article to know everything for an informed decision-making before filling out that easy entry form.

Publishers Clearing House does follow a legit and streamlined procedure to conduct Sweepstakes contests from time to time. There are enormous proofs of real people winning contest prizes without spending a cent. According to the official sources, PCH has given more than $227 million in Sweepstakes and still counting. However, there are scams and emails reaching people through fraudulent sources creating the entire ruckus.

How to Enter the PCH Sweepstakes

This is an obvious question for those who want to find the genuine gateways to enter the PCH sweepstakes. If you are one of them, here are some authentic sources offline and online to enter the contest almost every day.

Ways to PCH Sweepstakes Entry Online

  1. PCH.com: When filling out the online form for Official Online Registration, do subscribe for the email list to receive the Super Prize entry by email invitation from time to time.
  2. PCHTV.com: You get to fill in the entries everyday for a chance to win the Super Prize. Just follow the PCHTV ads for the announcement everyday.
  3. PCHgames: Sign up for a membership at the PCHgames and you not only get the chance to enjoy loads of free video games on the site but the chance to enter the Super Prize contest.
  4. PCHlotto: If you use the PCHlotto site everyday, there is a chance to fill in the entries twice at the end of the first and second game play.
  5. PCH Facebook Fan Page: The winning information and all other details about the contests are there on the PCH Facebook. Give a like today and catch up the latest news to stay updated.
  6. PCH Power Search Engine: If you are not using the PCHSearch for browsing stuff on the internet, there is a reason to switch. Sign up for the PCH Power Search and you get a chance to fill in the Sweepstakes entry every day at the beginning of the day’s first search.

Traditional PCH Sweepstakes Entry Methods

If you are not the one to fill in the entry forms online, here are some other methods to enter the contest offline.

PCH Newspaper Ads: PCH sweepstakes contests are often declared through advertisements in the local newspaper along with the instructions and rules.

By Mail: You do not have to wait for any advertisement or even go online to enter the contest. Fill in your entry in a paper anytime and send to the PCH mailing address:

Publishers Clearing House

101 Winners Circle,

Port Washington, NY 11050.

By Telephone: By making a phone call, you can enter the sweepstakes in two ways- sign up for PCH mailing list, enter the contest directly by providing your customer ID number from a recent bill or invoice.

Call the PCH Customer Service at 1-800-459-4724 and choose:

Option 1: Request to join the mailing list

Option 2: Enter the contest by following the automated telephonic instructions (enter your customer ID number when required)

Tip: You can submit entries as many times as you want through all of these methods. Maximize your chance of winning by submitting more entries. Remember, one in 2 million entries is selected for the million dollar cash prize.

PCH does conduct sweepstakes from time to time through its own gateways following a legit process. Every time, millions of people submit their forms for participating in the PCH Sweepstakes Entry. Even if you have not won until date, keep participating and submitting your candidature. You never know when your chance to grab the prize is. However, be careful as several people fall pray to fraudulent invitations ultimately ending up paying money in the quest of winning the sweepstake prize. It is absolutely free to enter the sweepstakes contest as per the rules so be conscious before sharing confidential information and other details.