Omroep Brabant Laatste Nieuws :

The Laatste Nieuws website of Netherlands ‘’ is make relevant stories that touch you every day. This way you know what is going on in Brabant. Omroep Brabant Laatste Nieuws is curious about your story. As a public broadcaster, Omroep Brabant nieuws has to comply with the regulations in the Media Act. This means, among other things, that fifty percent of the programming must relate to information, education and culture.

Omroep Brabant Laatste Nieuws

To get Omroep Brabant laatste nieuws you can sign up to daily newsletter and stay informed of everything that’s going on in your area. The company employs about 230 people, about 130 of whom are permanent employees. The board of the broadcaster is formed by the director. In addition, there is a Supervisory Board and a Media Council, in which the most important social, cultural and spiritual movements in the province are represented.

The main studio of nieuws is located at Science Park Eindhoven in Son. The broadcaster also has a branch in Breda and a studio has been set up in the Provincial House in Den Bosch.

Omroep Brabant nieuws vandaag

The most important content of Omroep Brabant nieuws vandaag can also be viewed and listened to on mobile via the Android, iPhone and iPad apps. Omroep Brabant laatste nieuws can be followed via social media on Twitter and via Facebook. Finally, their teletext pages can be viewed via TV as well as via the website.

Omroep Brabant nieuws vandaag also publishes regional news on the internet. In addition to the website, there are also mobile apps and the broadcaster is active on social media. Since 2011, they have opted to first publish all news online and only then make it suitable for radio and television. The channel has a number of regular programs aimed at the region.