My Stonyfield Rewards Program and Yogurt Coupons 2017 – Buy One Get One

Stonyfield Yogurt Coupons 2017 – Code for Buy One Get One Free

Stonyfield Coupons 2017: Those who purchase Stonyfield’s yogurt regularly, there is a good news for them. Yes, you can now earn rewards for it. Just by joining the My Stonyfield program you can gain points for purchasing yogurt and you will be receiving gifts now.

Let us see what My Stonyfield Rewards Program is?

It’s a program that is brought in by Stonyfield Farm which will be focusing on the customers who often buy this yogurt and those customers will be rewarded for it. They will be receiving gifts now. It is promoting this program in order to gain more healthy relationships with its customers and for encouraging the more participation for this product from the market.

You need to register for this and the registration procedure for this is very ear and it can be done within few minutes and you can gain reward codes and when you attain a certain level of codes then you can exchange gifts for that.

There are basically three types: Tasty Rewards in which you get free yogurt coupon than Fun Rewards, Growth Rewards and earth friendly rewards where you can get carbon offsets, and who won’t like to have such rewards! It will add more customers too to the list in coming days, so don’t miss it and you will be gaining a lot by registering in this program.

Now let use how to join My Stonyfield Rewards Program?

All that you need is a device that is connected to the internet and you need to enter some basic personal details of yours.

Now follow the following steps one by one:

  1. Firstly go to the website, URL for which is, where you will find one link marked as “Join now”, so click on that.
  2. Enter the details in the required fields respectively. Basic information such as Gender, Name, ZIP code and birth date will be asked. You need to enter your valid e-mail address and password as your account information and take care of ticking the services that you want and choose the products from the list that you purchased in last 3 months and after filling all the information properly hit the button marked “Submit”.

You can now earn points for every Stonyfield organic yogurt that you purchased and you need to keep an eye on reward codes on the lid and now you can enjoy the rewards for it.

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