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Mijnpensioenoverzicht nl inloggen website was founded in 2011 and completely renewed in 2021. On MPO you will find personal information about your entire accrued pension. And the pension that you still expects to accrue through pension providers. You will also see your AOW back.

Mijn Pensioenoverzicht

Mijn Pensioenoverzicht is managed by the Stichting Pensioenregister. This independent foundation was established in 2008 and its statutory duty is to provide citizens with insight into and an overview of their pension. SPR is a partnership between the Social Insurance Bank, the Pension Federation and the Dutch Association of Insurers. More information can be found at the official site www.pensioenregister.nl .

Mijn Pensioenoverzicht nl inloggen gives you insight into the pension you have already built up and the expected pension amount after retirement; including the state pension. This is an informative website that you can see as the starting point for an overview and insight into your pension.

In addition to your pension amounts and AOW, MPO also contains information about:

  • The consequences of various life events on your pension. Think divorce or death.
  • What happens to your pension if the economy gets better or worse?
  • The joint pension of you and your partner. Even if one of you dies.
  • Handy calculation tools to estimate what certain pension choices do to your pension. For example, stopping earlier or working longer.
  • Contact details of all your pension providers and the Social Insurance Bank.

www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl inloggen

You can also find below given things on www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl inloggen

  1. Your AOW and pension accrued to date
  2. The expected pension amount that you will (soon) receive
  3. Tips and tools to get started with your pension
  4. Explanation about life events and other pension matters

If you have any substantive pension questions about a specific pension scheme, then contact your own pension provider.

mijnpensioenoverzicht nl inloggen met digid

You can gain insight into mijn pensioenoverzicht without DigiD or eIDAS, but not via Mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl (MPO). To view your pension amounts or AOW on MPO, you must login with DigiD or eIDAS. That has two reasons. First, the company can guarantee your privacy and the security of your data with mijnpensioenoverzicht nl inloggen met digid.

In addition, they also need DigiD or eIDAS to retrieve your data from your pension providers. You can of course request an overview directly from them. You will then receive an overview of the pension you have accrued with them for each pension provider.

The same applies to your AOW via the Social Insurance Bank. Not sure exactly where you built up pension? Please contact mijn pensioenoverzicht service desk . They may be able to help you further.