MijnKPN Inloggen : KPN Webmail Storing

KPN is a mobile and Tele-communication company. It is based in The Hague, Netherlands. Here we will find help on MijnKPN Inloggen and KPN Webmail Storing. The services they provide are Landline, Mobile Telephony, Internet, Digital Terrestrial Television, IT services and IPTV. It provides mobile and data services to their customers.

MijnKPN Inloggen

User can access their KPN account by MijnKPN Inloggen. KPN bring Netherlands continue with our technology. It is the unifying factor that allows personal contacts. They do this from a strong vision every day, more than a century. Below you can read how they give meaning to.

Who are they?

KPN believes in technology, the power of communication. They are the network that will continue throughout the Netherlands; the network that cares about NL.

KPN Webmail Storing

If you are finding solution for KPN Webmail Storing, then let’s check in detail. KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the country. They have a clear mission to help you. With their network they can further help Netherlands.

Their organization

More than 14 thousand employees are committed to deliver the best products and services to their customers with the latest technology. Who sits where and who does what?

Their strategy

To stay ahead they take the next step in their strategy to: Simplify – Grow – Innovate.

Their board

Corporate governance concerns the relationships between the Board, the Supervisory Board and the Annual General Meeting.

Their history

Since 1852 KPN Netherlands further helps with the latest technology of the time. From telegraph to 4G: Discover the rich history of KPN.


KPN exclusive operator launching the new Nokia Smartphones

The new Nokia Smartphones are starting to buy today at KPN and Telfort. KPN and Telfort is thus the only provider in the Netherlands selling the new Nokia devices in combination with a mobile subscription.

KPN Mobiel Services

Install device

  1. Setting assistance

Help with setting up your mobile phone or tablet

Fast help

Need help with your phone or tablet? Use KPN Gear Aid, thus they help with common problems and institutions.

Please specify which device you have and get help customizing your settings. You can select your brand and identify which model you have.

  1. Installing dongle


Download the latest software and drivers by product for Windows and Apple Mac.

They try to support the latest operating system versions of Windows and Mac, but whether this always depends mainly on the age of the dongle or Mobile WiFi. The older the product, the more likely the new operating systems are not supported.


You’ll find for every product the required manuals and support documents.

Supported products

The model number can always be found on the packaging or the product itself.

  1. Tips for your mobile phone

Useful tips phone

Handy tool tips for a better and faster experience with your cell phone.


Start your mobile weekly again

Is you’re always on your mobile? It may be that fills the internal memory, and is therefore slower gear. Start your phone at least 1 time per week, the internal memory is automatically cleaned and renewed institutions.

Close running applications

Is your mobile suddenly slow? There are many applications or windows open at once? Often applications in the background remain active to always automatically connect to the network. Close applications and windows immediately after use completely. This applies particularly to the use of the internet, social networking and navigation.

Clean memory

By a full memory your device may respond slowly. SMS and MMS messages are automatically stored in the phone memory. The manual is how to clean up the memory.


Your screen dims

The color of your phone consumes a lot of energy. You can set the brightness and put that dimmer. Also, you can shorten the time that the display stays on after using the device. How to extend the battery life?

Let Bluetooth and navigation do not like unnecessary

Many people, who use Bluetooth, such as in the car, leave it to stand after use. The same applies to navigation on your mobile phone to receive continuous signals from satellites. Close open connections immediately after use completely.

Limit the use of video services

Watching movies on mobile web Missed by example Broadcasting and YouTube is very popular. Keep in mind that costs battery power and data usage.

Try less sync

For synchronizing and updating for example, e-mail, apps and social networks, often your device contacts the cellular data network. This affects the accessibility and speed of your device. You can mitigate this by decreasing the frequency of the number of automatic updates, they completely shut down or synchronize only (manually) when you want.

KPN Prepaid

Decide how much you spend with KPN Prepaid

Buy once a prepaid SIM card with KPN and decide each month how much credit you put on it. Upgrading is easy via MijnKPN or MijnKPN app. So you’re not at fixed monthly fees and you have no surprises.

New Prepaid SIM KPN?

€ 10, – free credit with a new SIM card

You buy a new prepaid SIM card with KPN? Then you will always receive € 10, – free credit. Your credit is unlimited shelf life, as long as you only use your prepaid every six months.

Direct Internet with your prepaid SIM card?

You can choose a SIM card with 1 GB mobile internet bundle or a SIM card with an unlimited line bundle. Both bundles will stop automatically after 31 days. So denotes no commitment!

Fast and stable 4G KPN

This is 4G

4G is the name of the network, you can use the internet. It is the successor to 3G, but faster and more stable. KPN Gets free 4G standard with every subscription.

As soon 4G

Send photos and movies directly without buffering: with 4G down and upload large files quickly. Additionally, you can already use 4G + in some areas. You move mainly brand in the car or train. Besides that, 4G + is faster, it is also a further very stable.

KPN Television

  • You always get to KPN Interactive TV

7 days look back

  • Seen Cool program, but no time to look? With seven days to look back look back programs whenever you want.

Pause Live TV

High distress? Put your programs easily break and then look up where you left off.

Interactive TV app

You have nothing to do on the road? Or do you watch TV in bed or while cooking? With Interactive TV you watch TV on your laptop, phone or tablet.

90 Radio stations

Do not want to watch TV? With 90 radio stations you always have music that fits the mood that you are.

What extra you can get from Interactive TV:

Always the best picture quality

You get over 70 TV channels, including over 30 in HD. Need more channels? Then choose one of our channel packages.

Football series fanatic or a romantic evening?

With additional channel packages like the Plus Package, Video land, FOX Sports and Movie1 check out the latest movies, series, sports programs and documentaries.

Anywhere TV viewing in your home with the app

In and around your home to live TV, movies, series and programs Missed looking through your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC? You can go with the Interactive TV app KPN.

Easily watch movies on Demand

To rent a movie, you do not have to go out. You get access to thousands of movies and series which are perfect for a nice movie night.

Why Internet van KPN?


  • They arrange your transfer

100% installation warranty

  • Free Mechanic and Wi-check

KPN safe

  • Internet security on Smartphone and computer

What do I choose?

KPN have three options for you:

  • Internet for All-in-1 Internet & TV or Internet only.
  1. Internet for All-in-1 Standard

Internet is extra beneficial in our KPN’s All-in-one package:

  • KPN Secure security for two devices.
  • Interactive TV and recording such program Missed.
  • Spotify Premium.
  1. Internet and TV

Rather a package without landline? If you want a package with only Interactive TV and Internet, you can simply call vast expansion in all-in-one:

  • KPN Secure security for two devices
  • Interactive TV and recording such program Missed
  • Spotify Premium
  1. KPN Internet

If you only want the Internet then choose KPN Internet.

  • KPN Secure security for two devices
  • Free telephone line (optional)

Pay the bill

What to do if it fails

If you receive a bill from KPN, you usually pay it with a debit. Give you permission to do during shutdown of your subscription.

If your bank account number or other payment details are incorrect, your direct debit fails. Always make sure your information is up to date. Change your data easy MijnKPN or MijnKPN app. Log in, choose your product and click on ‘Profile’.