Werkmap UWV Inloggen : www.uwv.nl

Werkmap UWV Inloggen is necessary to access all functions of them. UWV takes care of the implementation of employee insurance policies in the Netherlands and offers labor market and data services. They do this largely through online services and together with customers, experts and partners.

Inloggen op Mijn UWV of de Werkmap

Log in securely to My UWV via DigiD, or authorize someone else. If you are an EU citizen and do not have a DigiD, log in with your eID. Go for Mijn Werkmap UWV Inloggen to your personal page on werk.nl.

Inloggen op Mijn UWV

You can access Inloggen op Mijn UWV online. Integrity is very important and it is a top priority at UWV and is increasingly becoming an integral part of their business operations. All citizens of the Netherlands must be able to trust that UWV handles personal data that UWV needs in order to be able to perform its tasks responsibly and correctly.

The UWV.Nl has its own reporting procedure to encourage people from within and outside the UWV to report possible abuses. This notification is also intended to protect the reporter.

Inloggen op de Werkmap of Mijn UWV

You need to know more about Inloggen op de Werkmap of Mijn UWV. Log in securely to the Werkmap via DigiD, or authorize someone else. If you want to register as a jobseeker and/or apply for benefits; the you can also do this. If you are an EU citizen and do not have a DigiD, you can log in using a European recognized login method. Go for Inloggen op Mijn UWV to your personal page on www.uwv.nl.

The people who work at UWV are not allowed to abuse the confidential information available and their position. ‘Respectful, open, responsible, professional’ are the keywords in the UWV Code of Conduct in which the agreements and rules for ethical conduct at UWV are included.

What can I do in the workbook?

  1. Create your resume.
  2. Search more than 12,800 vacancies.
  3. Increase your job prospects with training, application tips and webinars.
  4. Report changes, tasks and job application activities if you are receiving benefits.
  5. Exchange messages with your advisor about finding work.

What can I do on Mijn UWV?

  1. Fill in the income statement for your unemployment benefit.
  2. Report sick and better if you have unemployment benefits.
  3. View personal information and documents, such as your employment history, annual statement, payment specifications and letters about your benefit.
  4. Fill in change forms for WW, IOW, WIA, WAO, Wajong and WAZ.
  5. Exchange messages with us about matters relating to your benefit.

What can be applied for on Mijn UWV.Nl?

  1. WAZO benefit in the event of pregnancy, adoption and foster care (if you have unemployment benefits).
  2. ZEZ benefit during pregnancy (if you are self-employed).
  3. Request provision for work or education.

If you have any question or you face any problem to access Werkmap UWV Inloggen, then contact customer care on the official website.

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