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Vandebron energie is Energy Company. It is located in Netherlands. It is a Dutch based Energy Company. It provides Energy services to their customers. User can access Mijn Vandebron Inloggen to manage their account online.

Vandebron Inloggen

Follow below given steps to manage Mijn Vandebron Inloggen.

  1. Go to the official website www.vandebron.nl
  2. Visit Upper left hand side ‘Inloggen’ button
  3. Enter required detail to access login

Vandebron energie

Now let’s check more details about vandebron energie.

You purchase energy directly from a power source; why can it not?

The founders of Vande Source wondered early 2013. That was the beginning of Vande Source. Meanwhile Vande Source is a fast growing renewable energy startup that awakens the world with a view and a mission.

That must change

Log, crusted and conservative: the energy market is not a market where rapid change is initiated. Large energy companies, with their gas- and coal-fired plants, of course are not waiting for an energy revolution, a transition to renewable sources. After all, they invested billions in coal plants. And so they sit back and they stay calm doing what they always did: gray power generation. But as the demand for renewable energy grows indeed, she paints the gray stream with foreign green certificates. They can’t wait. That must change. That is different. And why they do it differently.

At the top, the old energy companies, so it was not a good place to change the market. And so began the bottom Vande Source: the small energy producer. It is the farmers, neighbors and businesses to invest in renewable energy precisely which will make the difference.

But these sources could not rechtstreek sell energy. And if you wanted to buy energy, you could not choose where you bought it or where did your money go.

Therefore Vande Source began marketplace. An energy market where local energy itself can sell their energy and everyone can choose their own source.

A wind farm is on the coast, a potato farmer with a bio-digester and the neighbor with a roof full of solar panels.

And they believe this is the future. If you produce no energy, your neighbor does it, or the wind a little further. Soon anyone can buy and sell energy and an energy supplier no merchant, but a service.

Then the source deserves more, consumers pay less and more can be invested in renewable energy again until the Netherlands is green.

Their mission is clear: as soon as possible to one hundred percent renewable energy.

The ambitions go beyond purely connecting consumers and producers. Vande sources will play an important role in the transition to an autonomous energy supply. They see entrepreneurship as a means to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.

About Energy

100% good energy, because an option for green to make a difference.

That sounds logical, but it does not work in the Netherlands. Large energy companies continue to invest in fossil generation, while foreign certificates greening their gray power. So every year is going to spend one billion to green power literally in smoke.

That is different because there is plenty of sun and wind, biomass and water, and there are plenty of people who make energy from there. Therefore, there Vande Source: they give everyone the opportunity to sell energy and buy themselves without involving such a large energy company.

Wind energy

Windmills generate energy through wind blow on the rotor blades. A windmill is usually two or three. Those blades bring the rotor in motion, which increases movement through gears, and so will the generator into motion. It runs so faster than the blades themselves.

This all happens in the upper part of the wind turbine, also called the gondola. This is rotated so that the mill can always stand with the nose in the wind.

Bio Energy

In organic material, such as manure, sewage sludge and yard waste is stored energy. In combustion, gasification, or fermentation is which energy is released, and it can be converted into electricity. This is done in special plants, or plants that are on the property of a farmer. The electricity can be supplied to the grid.

Solar energy

Solar panels consist of layers of solar cells. If this light capture, electrons are set in motion, a so-called photovoltaic response. This is converted into usable power. Solar farms and solar parks have hundreds or thousands of solar panels to provide as many households with electricity.

Water power

Water Energy is now similar to the mills of yesteryear. But when they were grinding corn or sawed wood we generate electricity. With the power of flowing or falling water is set in motion a water turbine, which is so connected to an alternator generates electricity.

Because the Netherlands is relatively flat, there is little energy is generated by means of water power. They work hard at to offer this right on their site.

Natural Gas

CO2 offset gas: Building a better world

Because it is not possible to provide on a national scale green gas, they deliver natural gas from Gastro CO2 offset the Gold Standard. This is the highest mark in the field of climate, and besides reducing CO2; their projects make a contribution to the local community.

They offer five projects, you can choose which you support.

Original Beans

Deforestation is a major problem in South America. In Ecuador Original Beans has great rainforest management, where they grow cocoa beans while protecting the forest.

Justdiggit greening Africa

Because of Africa’s rare rain many areas are driest. Because the ground is so dehydrated, is only 20% of the rain water that falls are recorded, with further depletion, and even results in desertification. Justdiggit breaks combining this negative spiral by clever innovations with an ancient technique.

Forest conservation Kikonda

Farmland produces more money than a forest, and therefore found in African deforestation. What were once forests are now grown soybeans and oil palm? The trees take no more CO2 and illegal logging has such a negative impact on the climate.

Cook stoves in Mali

More than half of Mali is desert, and the part that is suitable to grow crops is mostly wooded. Although in Mali less energy is used than in the Netherlands, wood is a commonly used fuel for cooking. This wood comes mainly from forests that are not replanted. Cooking on wood creates additional CO2 emissions, but also for many health problems. Indoor air pollution every year kills some 40,000 Malians.

Wind power in Touzhijianzhen

In northern China, in the district of Xilin Gol, the village is Touzhijianzhen. Because the region itself would generate its energy without pollution and smog, were placed around the hills of northern Touzhijianzhen, 33 modern wind turbines.

Biogas for farmers in Vietnam

Almost half of the Vietnamese population works in agriculture. Many farmers who live inland do not have electricity or gas. Often they have a problem with the manure from their cattle: it stinks and it spreads diseases, through the air or the ground.

Solar collective

What is a solar collective solar?

Through a collective of solar Vande Source can the solar energy you generate extra income, sales to other households. Do you just need energy? In a solar collective buy your solar energy affordable and locally.

Your solar panels make more:

  • You share your good energy by sharing your energy you ensure that more households can choose good energy.
  • You will receive a better price the energy of your proceeds will go directly to you; Vande Source makes no profit here.
  • It is very easy they ensure that your move goes smoothly and that your good energy also gets good.

Buy solar energy: how does it work?

Buy through a collective of solar Vande Source your solar energy that other households generate extra. You just pay the amount that your producer receives it, plus government taxes. Because the current price is slightly higher, you get 50% off your regular delivery and pay only € 3.13 per month. So you’re an annual consumption of 1350 kilowatt still cheaper on a sun collectively and together they make a positive difference in your neighborhood!

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