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PLUS.nl is the cooperative home for 229 independent supermarket entrepreneurs and their 268 supermarkets. You can manage your online account by Mijn PLUS Account Inloggen.

PLUS is at the forefront of developments around good food and can respond to this in a relevant way. PLUS is distinguishes itself from other supermarkets in this because it is large enough to make a difference, and small enough to be flexible. Local supermarket entrepreneurs play an important role in this – with their personal service and involvement they are connected to the neighborhood. Now let’s check mijn plus.nl inloggen step by step guide.

Mijn PLUS Account Inloggen

You can change your order online, but you need to access mijn PLUS account inloggen page on the official website. For this follow below given steps:

  1. Go to official website www.plus.nl/inloggen
  2. Press Inloggen Button, given at top right corner of home page.
  3. One pop-up box will open and ask you your user id (email) and Password.
  4. Enter proper details in given box and press plus.nl Inloggen button.

That’s done; now you can access your Mijn PLUS.nl Inloggen account online. On orders option you will see an overview of your orders. To change, choose the change button under recent orders. If you order from PLUS as a private individual, you can change the contents of your order and the delivery time up to approximately two days before delivery. Business consumers can only change the contents of the order up to and including two days before delivery.

PLUS Express orders are excluded from this for both business and private consumers. For the answer to when you can change your online order visit official website.

Mijn plus.nl inloggen

If you want to cancel your order for whatever reason; this is now possible at the push of a button. Where you previously had to contact the relevant PLUS supermarket to cancel your order, this can now be arranged quickly and easily within your Mijn PLUS account inloggen. Go to Orders and simply cancel your order via the ‘Cancel’ button.

This is possible up to 48 hours before your delivery or collection time. If you can no longer cancel the order online, you can call the PLUS Supermarket to cancel your order by telephone. The phone number of the store is on your order confirmation.

Plus Inloggen Medewerkers

You can also manage Plus Inloggen Medewerkers online. The service office in Utrecht supports all PLUS supermarkets. You end up in a retail organization where you are given a lot of responsibility and where you are stimulated to get the best out of yourself. You do this in a friendly team of motivated colleagues and in an environment where Corporate Social Responsibility is central and personal development are stimulated.

The shop floor is where it happens. Providing the best service to our customers every day with a smile on your face. Varied work with a lot of freedom and various opportunities to grow. In the distribution center everything revolves around a perfect service for our stores and therefore for our customer. Together we ensure that our customers are not standing in front of an empty shelf. We do this efficiently and with a friendly team and attention for each other. You can visit official website for more detail.

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