Mijn overheid berichtenbox inloggen

You can access mijn overheid berichtenbox inloggen to receive government mail digitally and manage your personal data in one place. What can you do with mijn.overheid.nl? You can manage the Berichtenbox; it is your personal digital mailbox for government mail. For example post about Tax return, Child benefits and Passport extension.

You will also find personal data and information in one place; for instance Registration with the municipality, Income and Date APK.

Mijn overheid berichtenbox inloggen

Are you logging in to MyGovernment for the first time? Then, after berichtenbox inloggen met DigiD, you must enter an e-mail address and your personal preferences. We call this overheid berichtenbox activeren. Are you unable to log in to MyGovernment or activate your account? Then watch the instruction video. This video explains step by step what to do.

Have you already inloggen mijn overheid.nl? This will take you directly to your personal environment. Perhaps more organizations have been using MijnGovernment since the last time you logged in. In that case you can indicate whether you want to receive digital mail from those organizations.

Mijn overheid inloggen DigiD

Access mijn overheid inloggen digid; to login with your DigiD; you can find more information at DigiD.nl. You can see mijn overheid and the berichtenbox as the letterbox. Do you have a substantive question about a letter in your Message Box? Then you can contact the organization that sent you the message. For example, if you have a question about the tax authorities an assessment or if you have a question about your municipality extension of your passport.

MyGovernment and the Message Box is only an intermediary. Therefore, you cannot send messages from the Message Box.


When building MijnOverheid and the Message Box app, a lot of attention was paid to accessibility, build quality and findability. The aim is to offer all information on MijnOverheid inloggen in such a way that everyone can use it.

To achieve this, the MijnOverheid website has been created in accordance with the requirements for digital accessibility. The accessibility statement contains criteria that we do not yet fully meet and concrete solution measures. The accessibility statement for Mijn Overheid.nl can be found in the register page. The accessibility statement for the Berichtenbox app ( iOS / Android ) is also included in this.

If you experience any accessibility issue on Mijn overheid berichtenbox inloggen, then please contact via contact form.

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