Magister Inloggen :

With Magister Inloggen on App and Web, the latest school information is available to students and parents anytime, anywhere, on any device. Here we will check all features and benefits of Magister ouders inloggen and Magister inloggen leerling.

Magister Inloggen

Before access Magister Inloggen let’s know more details about it. Magister uses an Application Programming Interface (API) within its services. The use of the Magister API is reserved for Iddink Digital BV and is used for services within Magister. The use of the API by other, unauthorized parties is prohibited. The unauthorized use of Magister’s API is seen as an infringement of the rights of Iddink Digital BV, the Educational Institution(s) and/or those involved.

Conditions regarding the use of Magister username and password

  • Users are provided with a username and password (and possibly hardware token); these are strictly personal and secret.
  • Username and password should never be shared with third parties. Iddink Digital BV will never ask for username and password.
  • Username and password may not be entered or disclosed on any third-party sites/apps/applications.
  • Always check that the URL is correct before entering usernames and/or passwords. The domain of the URL must conform to
  • Do not be tempted to log in to third-party applications or via links provided to you by email.
  • Only log in to a computer with an up-to-date operating system and a working virus scanner.
  • Always log out after using Magister by following the logout procedure.
  • In case of doubt or irregularities, always contact the application manager at your school.
  • Iddink Digital BV can only give guarantees regarding the confidentiality of data as long as users follow the instructions of School and Iddink Digital BV properly.

Magister ouders inloggen

Before use Magister ouders inloggen service you need to know ‘How does Magister App for parents work?’ Always all information at hand! Current schedule changes, messages and announcements. Everything is immediately and clearly visible in Magister on your computer (web) or on your phone (app). Below we have listed all the functionalities of the Magister app for you.

  • Go on the Calendar and then on Today. You will then see all of your child’s lessons and appointments. Current lesson is shaded.
  • Go on Homework tab; you will then receive an overview of all assignments that your son or daughter must complete in that week. You can also go back to previous or forward to the following weeks. And you can also immediately see whether it is a test (and what kind of test) and whether you have already completed it or not.
  • Go to Absence via the menu. Tap on ‘Report’ and indicate the absence. In the menu you can click Absence on the list per month with registered absence. You can then immediately see which registration it concerns and whether it concerns authorized or unauthorized absence.
  • Tap on Grades for a complete overview of your son or daughter’s most recent grades. There you will find the averages in the current period per subject, average in the current period, with the last grade obtained for that subject. If you want to see all grades for a specific box, click on the appropriate box within grades.
  • You can set your phone to receive push notifications via Settings (device). This is only possible if the school also has this function ‘on’ for parents.
  • Would you like to help your child with the planning of homework and assignments? At Studiewijzers you can see what the program for your child looks like. Assignments, tests, teaching materials and explanations: everything can be consulted clearly, also on your smartphone or tablet.
  • When must the assignment be submitted? How was the assignment assessed? Which assignments have already been completed? The Assignments section provides you with all this information.
  • As soon as the school has sent an invitation, you will find it in the menu under Parents Evening. Would you like to register or unsubscribe for a Parents Evening? Then click on Parent Evening and then register with teacher/conversation choice or unsubscribe. As soon as the parents’ evening has been scheduled, it will be listed under Parents’ evening.

You can easily view the Magister of your child via the Magister App on your Smartphone.

Magister inloggen leerling

Go to Magister inloggen leerling to access all features. Let’s check how Magister App works for students. Always all information at hand! Current schedule changes, messages and announcements. Everything is immediately and clearly visible in Magister on your computer (web) or on your phone (app).

If you want to know more details and help about Magister inloggen for ouders and leerling then visit the official website.