Kilimanjaro Trekking Guide: How to Prepare for the Kilimanjaro Climbing

Trekking adventure to the Mt. Kilimanjaro is an integral part of your tour to Tanzania. It is a dream for ardent trekking lovers to climb through the volcanic peaks to experience the feel at the heights. This is not another tour program; you plan with any tour operator at a budget. It all starts with your mental preparedness, research, planning and of course taking the Kilimanjaro training program from a reputed institute.

About Mt. Kilimanjaro Training Program

Medical Examination

Before taking a training program, detailed medical checkup to monitor any preexisting health complications, your physical fitness for high altitude climatic endurance, and stamina to cope up with the tiresome trekking program is an absolute necessity. Most training institutes conduct early medical analysis for each climber before the enrollment to the climbing program.

Fitness Training for Kilimanjaro Trekking

The training to climb Kilimanjaro comprises of four important activities including physical exercises to prepare your body for the strenuous journey for around 5-10 miles each day.

Aerobics/ Cardio Training

This training program helps the climbers to utilize oxygen through aerobic metabolism for energy required during the physical training. The activities comprise of walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and so on starting with light to gradually moderate levels.

Strength Training

All climbers must seriously consider doing at least light strength training to prepare the upper body, legs and core muscles for the climb. According to the experts, following are the crucial exercises for different body parts:

  • Legs: Step aerobics, lunges, squats, front and reverse leg curls
  • Core Muscles (Abdomen and Lower Back): Kettle bell swing/row, sit-ups, back and shoulder flies, shoulder press

Hiking Practice: It is highly beneficial to do some initial hiking practices on the terrains during the training program. Practice both going up and down through the uneven terrains for at least 5 hours.

For the novice climbers, it is always recommended to go for a professional training to climb Kilimanjaro under the supervision of certified trainers to get along with your preparedness for the trekking adventure.

Mental Stamina is an important aspect

Most experienced climbers to the Kilimanjaro summit opine that the aspirant climber must be mentally prepared for all the situations during the 9-day long journey. There are rigorous challenges on the route especially on the Summit day wherein the mental stamina plays equally important role besides the physical endurance.

What is the Cost to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?

There are several questions in the minds of the tourists passionate about trekking in Tanzania mostly centered on the Kilimanjaro climb cost. When you start researching about the prices, it can be really confusing as the overall costs for this thrilling adventure can be anywhere between $1000-$4000. While, the cheap deals always tend to attract but can be of problem during the tour. There are various factors to consider before choosing your Kilimanjaro operator.

Herein are the key highlights of the major costs during the Kilimanjaro climb:

  • Kilimanjaro National Park Conservation fees- around $70/person per day
  • Camping fees- around $60/night per person
  • Guide Entrance fees- $2/trip
  • Rescue fees- $20
  • VAT- 18% of the goods and services (Tanzania government charges 18% VAT from the tour operators charged from each person on the trip)
  • Other Costs- There are additional costs like wages for the staff, transportation food etc.

Some Parting Words,

Now that you have a fair idea about the costs associated with the trip, if you want to enjoy every bit of the journey to Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is wise to prepare your mind and body for the Kilimanjaro training program. Once you contact the training institute, the authorities including your trainer will guide in every way making you physically and mentally prepared for the strenuous yet thrilling trekking adventure.