The John Hancock Retirement Plan Services Review

When investing in retirement plans, there are several factors to consider for achieving ensured maximum returns. It is always essential to look into the scope of diversification and asset allocation possibilities before investing into the retirement plans. John Hancock has emerged as the foremost choice for majority of investors allowing them to avoid too much of investments in mutual funds and explore diversification to find the best suit.

John Hancock Reviews

If you are already looking through the John Hancock retirement reviews, here is some information to help you with the decision-making.

Investment Options in Stocks from U.S. Based Companies

John Hancock offers the best diversification for participants investing in stocks from small, medium and big capitalization companies. The most popular plan options include

1. Fundamental Large Cap Core Fund (JLVIX)

This is a great option for long-term investment in the Large Cap mainly comprises of distribution of funds across equity securities in large capitalization companies and foreign securities (up to 35% of the funds)

2. Disciplined Value Fund (JVLIX)

The plan sponsors and participants can look forth to the option wherein JHancock leverages 80% of the assets into diversified portfolios especially value companies and some selective securities that have sustainable growth and earnings

3. JHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap A (JVMAX)

Participants choosing this retirement plan can expect long-term capital growth. The company leverage 80% of the assets into diversified portfolio wherein the scope of current income is limited. The goal is to offer higher returns on long-term investments.

John Hancock Income Fund (JHFIX)

The investors looking to invest in bonds can look forth to the option wherein John Hancock gives the opportunity to invest in multiple sector bonds including government bonds and capitalization company bonds.

Investing in International Stocks

Disciplined Value International Fund (JDIBX)

This is the secure option for investing in funds from international companies. John Hancock invests the funds only in large established companies in developed countries.

Emerging Markets Equity Funds (JEMQX)

This is an option for participants looking to add the prospective emerging companies to their portfolio.

Balanced Fund Allocation

The participants looking forward to a step ahead in distributing their investments into various sectors, choosing the Lifestyle Aggressive Fund (JALAX) can be a considerable opportunity to invest 90% of the funds in stocks and 10% in bonds.

About John Hancock Retirement Plan Services (JHRPS)

JHRPS is the largest provider of full-service 401 (k) retirement plans of different sizes. Today the company is the most trusted service provider for over 2.7 million participants offering servicing provisions for over 57000 retirement plans.

John Hancock’s Online Tools

401 (k) Account

The participants who have created the 401 (k) retirement plan through their employers at John Hancock can log in to the 401 (k) online account to stay updated on the savings, current account balance, plan provisions and other details.

Plan Review Tool for the Advisors

The Plan Review tool is supportive to the John Hancock servicing advisors providing them with information and comprehensive solution to educate the enthusiast participants and the plan sponsors.

Calculator Tool

The interested participants can find out the efficiency of their present retirement plan by answering a few questions using the calculator tool. The tool is also beneficial for exploring the possible options to achieve better retirement plan options.

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How to Choose the Best Retirement Plan at JHRPS

If you know any plan advisor at John Hancock, seeking a consultation can be worthy to find the suitable alternatives. However, if you are not quite sure, contact customer support at the official website for all your queries.

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