Instructions to Apply for ESD Washington State Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits– the financial aid program for the workers who have lost their job without any fault on their part while in service is a major help to meet the essential daily costs during the state of job loss. The funds paid to the qualified unemployed applicants are collected from the taxes paid by the former employers of the company.

Guide to Apply for ESD Washington State Unemployment Benefits Online

The unemployment benefits provided by the Employment Security Department of the Washington State are subject to approval by the authority based on the determined eligibility criteria.

In January 2017, several applicants had problems in filing their claim for the unemployment benefits online due to technical issues urging the need to adopt the right procedure to avoid hassles in future. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to apply for unemployment Washington State online or by phone.

Step 1: Check the Eligibility Requirements

The unemployed candidates applying for the unemployment benefits only if they qualify for the grant based on the requirements set up by the ESDWAGOV. You can check the eligibility requirements at

Step 2: Submit Application to Receive Unemployment Benefits

You can apply for unemployment benefits online or by phone. Whether you choose to apply online or by phone, it is always necessary to keep all documents ready to put accurate information in the application. There is time out session preset on the electronic system accepting the application form to secure your confidential information from data theft and other malicious activities over the internet.

Note: Online application is the safest mode to file a benefit claim keeping your credentials and confidential information safe. You must have your own SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account to apply online. If you have a previous account, use the same login details to apply online. Those without their SAW account must create a new account before applying.

A. Online: The ESDWAGOV website offers eServices accepting applications from unemployed candidates 24×7 all days in a week. The candidates must submit their application on the web using a PC or laptop (online application system is not compatible for mobile devices). Eligible candidates without a computer at home can access the computer at local WorkSource center or the nearest library to complete the application process.

  • i. Visit the ESD eServices Home page at
  • ii. Login with SAW username and password (if you have one) or create a new account
  • iii. Answer all security questions correctly to access your account (an added security layer to protect your account from hackers)
  • iv. Confirm the PC/laptop you are using is safe to avoid security questions in future
  • v. Follow the directions on the application form to submit successfully

You may choose to apply with your email address to receive regular updates and correspondence from ESD. You will also get a verification notice mail to confirm the email id.

B. By Phone: You can also submit your application over phone on all Wednesdays and Fridays (closed on public holidays) between 8 am. and 4 pm. You must call at the ESD helpline 1-800-318-6022 to submit the benefits claim.

Note: You may have to bear with long call waiting times after calling on the helpline number. The Claim center agent will call you later to start with the filing process on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays (excluding the public holidays). Be prepared with all relevant documents to regulate the process faster and effectively.

Step 3: Unemployment Claim Determination (UCD)

ESD will send you the Unemployment Claim Determination informing about the claim status and your eligibility.

Step 4: Maintain Job Search Records

ESD may ask you to provide the documents related to your job search efforts so keep all details ready in a written document. For more details, visit

Step 5: Submit Weekly Claim/Restart Unemployment Benefits Claim

Follow the details in the UCD to file the weekly claim for the weeks you need to receive the claim benefits.

The candidates receiving the unemployment benefits from the ESD, Washington State must take responsibility to find a new job as early as possible. Among various ways, it is fast, secure and convenient to apply for unemployment Washington State online considering the unavailability of in-person offices for unemployment and long call waiting times taken to complete the process over the phone.