ING Studenten Creditcard Limiet Verhogen

ING Studenten Creditcard

Do you want to increase the spending limit of your credit card? You can change your limit directly via Mijn ING. ING studenten creditcard limiet verhogen problem is solved by bank. Most Studenten creditcard have a standard spending limit that can be increased if necessary. To do this, contact the credit card provider. They will often first look at your income and payment behavior before the increase is implemented.

Creditcard Limiet verhogen by Deposit money

The spending limit, also called spending limit, is the amount of money you can spend with your credit card each month. The spending limit can vary from 1,000 euros to 20,000 euros per credit card provider and type of credit card. Most credit card issuers allow you to manually increase spending limits by depositing money into the credit card account.

Your spending limit will then be increased by the amount you have transferred to the credit card. As an additional advantage, you also receive savings interest above a certain amount. Now let’s check more details for ING Studenten Creditcard limiet verhogen.

Studenten creditcard ING limiet verhogen

The spending limit is the maximum amount you can spend with your credit card. Sometimes you need a little extra limit. What are the possible options to increase your spending limit?

  • Credit card: limit up to €5,000
  • Platinum card: limit up to €20,000

Do you have a studenten creditcard? Then it is not possible to increase the spending limit. The Student Credit Card has a fixed limit of €1,000. It is, however, possible to convert your Student Account into a Payment Account and then request a higher spending limit for your Credit Card, provided you have sufficient income.

Do you temporarily need a little more?

Did you know that you can transfer money to your credit card with the option ‘Extra Repayment‘? That way you have more spending space without increasing your credit card limit.

The amount will be credited to your credit card within 2 working days. Please note: due to the processing time of 2 days, the amount is not immediately visible on the transaction overview of your credit card in Mijn ING.

Problem and Solution

One student want to increase their credit card limit, but according to ING that is not possible. They say

Based on your current income situation, you are unfortunately not eligible for a limit increase. As soon as something changes in your situation, you can request a limit increase again.

My account never be in the red. The outstanding amount on my credit card is paid in one lump sum every month. My income is more than sufficient, no debts, etc.

Have you already reached the maximum spending limit in ING studenten creditcard? Then it might be interesting to go for another studenten creditcard aanvragen.