How to Redeem an Amazon Prime Video Gift Card

The Amazon Mytv gives you more powerful stuff and entertainment than any digital set top box package. However, having a promotional code or a gift card handy is even more joyous to save a considerable amount of money on your subscriptions. In this guide, you will get to know how to use enter code or redeem a gift card.

Steps to Get the Promo Codes for Amazon Mytv

The Amazon promotional codes are available on several trusted coupon sites including Deal Coupon,, RetailMeNot and many others. Generally, the promotional codes are published on these sites at the beginning of the month. Keep an eye on these sites regularly so that you find a code well in advance before the expiry date. Once you are on any coupon site, follow the instructions below to find the Amazon promotional code.

  • On the search bar of the concerned site enter ‘Amazon’
  • When the options appear, click ‘Coupon’ in the menu bar
  • From the available coupon codes, check the expiry date to sort the current ones with validity period. You can also check the success rate to judge the authenticity and chances of redeeming the offer
  • Once you are satisfied with the code and the offer, click ‘Use this Coupon’ tab (some sites have the ‘Activate’ button)

Note: Some websites link the promo codes directly to so that you do not need to write down the code at the time of purchase. Sometimes, the promo code has alphanumeric characters that you need to write down when placing your orders.

Find Promotional Offers at Amazon Coupon Page

If you do not like using coupon codes from other websites, it is a good idea to find a promotional code on the Amazon’s coupon page instead. Follow the steps below to get a code at official website:

  • Visit
  • At the upper right corner of the homepage, click the Sign In tab
  • If you have an Amazon account, enter username/email address and password to login to your account*
  • Upon successful login, you will reach the Amazon homepage. Click ‘Today’s Deals’ on the left corner of the menu bar
  • Now go to the Amazon Coupon Page by clicking the Coupons sub-menu at the top of this page**
  • Depending on the product you want to purchase, simply click the Add to cart button and apply the promotional code therein

*If you are a new customer, you may get started with the account registration process right at the login page.

**If you have problems in reaching the page, click

Steps to Apply Promotional Code or Gift Card on Mobile Device

The customers using Android or Blackberry (OS v10.3) devices can also apply promotional code to receive discounts on

Android device users can apply a gift card from the Amazon Appstore App by following the steps below:

  • Tap to open the Amazon app on your Android device
  • Tap open the menu and choose Gift cards
  • Scrolling down the screen, tap ‘Apply it to your account’
  • Enter the promotional code in the gift card at the appropriate box and tap ‘Apply’

If you are using a kindle or FireTV, then visit

Instructions to Redeem a Plastic Gift Card

If you have received a plastic gift card from Amazon, herein are some easy steps to redeem the offer and apply it to your Amazon MyTV account.

  1. Scratch the coating sealing the coupon code (located at the back of the card)
  2. Login to your Amazon account
  3. Click Apply a Gift Card to your Account
  4. Enter the claim code exactly as mentioned on the plastic card
  5. Click Apply to your Balance

Note: If the Mytv subscription amount exceeds the amount in the gift card, you will need to pay the balance amount by credit/debit card.