Top 5 GroupHEALTH Insurance Plans for Small Business

Offering a comprehensive insurance coverage for the employees is not only an ethical business practice but also a strategy to get the most promising professionals in the team- an eminent key factor to success for small businesses.

While the big giants with 1000+ employees stand the chance to pay off small premiums for the employee benefits, the risk factor associated with fewer employees, raise the speculation for the insurance provider. This is the reason; most small companies end up paying higher premiums for their workforce every month.

There are so many employee health insurance plans out there creating confusion in choosing the right package. How buy the best group health insurance for small business Canada? Before you look further, consider GroupHEALTH employee health insurance plans to see why it is best suited for your business.

GroupHEALTH Employee Benefits Plans

GroupHEALTH offers an array of insurance coverage for the employees at small business companies. Herein is a quick list of the different group plans to purchase for protecting your staff

1. GroupPLUS

This is one of the most popular and core insurance solution at GroupHEALTH. GroupPLUS comes with flexibility to design a package depending on the size of your business. Whether you are looking for disability management services, accident and serious illness benefits or employee and family assistance program, this plan is designed to serve as a comprehensive solution.

2. GroupHEALTH Mid-term Disability

GroupHEALTH offers an array of disability insurance plans to suit the needs of the employers in need of coverage for the entire workforce. In addition to the short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) plans, the company also moves ahead to design mid-term disability (MTD) insurances to cut down the premium costs up to 15% (available for companies taking insurance for 200 employees).

3. GroupHEALTH’s Managed Rx

This plan program is specifically designed for the employees to meet the expenses on prescription and drugs. On an average, 70% of the costs on healthcare is vested in medicines and prescribed drugs. GroupHEALTH has established partnership with the Central Dispensing Pharmacy (CDP) so that the plan beneficiaries can purchase drugs at a reduced costs at the largest centralized pharmacy.

4. GroupHEALTH Evolve

Evolve is the perfectly designed insurance plan for the small and midsized businesses with flexible claim accounts for the beneficiaries. The business owners can fix the premiums with defined contribution depending on how they want to use the plan. It is up to the employees to decide on how they want to use the benefits. From using the insurance program to meet the prescription and drugs costs to filing an accidental claim, there is all power for the plan beneficiary to get coverage.

5. AdvantagePLUS

This insurance package is designed with refinement for the businesses in the trucking industry. With plan customization flexibility and web-based administration, the program is an excellent solution for accident and serious illness coverage.


  • Low cost employee benefits
  • Multiple plans to choose from
  • Sustainable approaches to cut down high costs
  • Buy your insurance product directly from the company (no broker/middleman)
  • 100% transparency pertaining to premiums, renewal and other facts
  • Custom-tailored plans to suit specific company requisites
  • Easy to manage all group plans under online integrated system

With over 30 years in the industry, GroupHEALTH has lived up to reliability and excellence in offering low cost group insurance plans for several businesses including SMEs in Canada. The company has massive in-house underwriting team to structure negotiated rates to come up with customized plans to suit the needs of the specific employer. Eliminating the intervention and higher costs of the brokers into the process, GroupHEALTH comes up with specially designed quotes for each of their clients within short time span.

If you are looking for group employee health insurance plans but have queries, book a free consultation with