GIRO 777 Overmaken & Doneren

GIRO 777 Overmaken

GIRO 777 Overmaken : Giro 777 is open for victims of high water in Limburg. The National Disaster Fund has opened for victims of the floods in the province of Limburg on Friday. This is stated on the fund’s official website. You can give your donation in this disaster relief fund.

Giro 777 Limburg

According to the Disaster Fund, it is clear that “much damage is not insurable and therefore also not insured”. It has therefore decided to open Giro 777, so that doneren can be made to alleviate the need. The fund will allocate the donated money to recovery projects of civil society organizations through an assessment committee.

The outgoing cabinet considers the overstroming in Limburg a disaster. This means that people who have damage that the insurance does not cover can also turn to the central government.

Limburg Overstroming

The cabinet is pulling the grant to compensate for the damage caused by the devastating flooding in Limburg. But what exactly will be reimbursed, ‘how and to whom’ is still the question. It is clear, however, that this concerns ‘compensation’ for the material damage, ‘not a full compensation’.

Nationaal Rampenfonds giro 777

The Nationaal Rampenfonds has opened bank account number 777 for aid to South Limburg. More than 200,000 Euros have already been donated there. “There are already thousands and thousands of individuals who have donated amounts for the flood-affected area,”said a spokesman. Gifts can be transferred via ‘giro 777. nl’ or via any bank in the Netherlands to account number giro777, according to the organization.

giro 777 doneren

Many people are contributed in giro 777 doneren. “There are already thousands and thousands of individuals who have donated amounts of ten or 25 euros for the flood-affected area,” said a spokesman. Gifts can be transferred via or via any bank in the Netherlands to account number 777 (which will then be forwarded to NL28 INGB 0000 000 777), according to the organization.

Much damage to homes and businesses is covered by insurance. But there are also urgent needs that are not covered from other sources, according to National Disaster Funds. This concerns “support for small-scale projects that serve to get society going again”, says chairman of the Nationaal Rampenfonds.

The official website of giro 777 is

“We are concerned with citizens’ initiatives that – after the mud has been shoveled away – help to alleviate local needs. The money, which hopefully will be given generously, will be distributed in collaboration with people and organizations on the spot. They know where the greatest need is and can provide tailor-made solutions.”

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