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My Doctor Online The Permanente Medical Group appointment: Kaiser Permanente is based in California and is around 60 years old.  And it is a leader in the healthcare sector in the United States which is having 8.7 million members who have signed for its health plan and around 15,000 doctors are associated with it. Here we will discuss on Kaiser online appointment scheduling phone number. Get an easy guide for how to find the best doctor from the permanent medical group.

This service of Permanente Group helps in searching right doctor easily, according to the requirement and need, and you can search Area wise, specialty wise, etc. All the Doctors who are linked with it are approved by The Permanente Group and you can easily reach them using this platform. Looking at your needs and requirement, accordingly, the doctor will be assigned and apart from this if you know any doctor than by entering his name, you will be served with more details.

Now let us see how to search for and select a doctor from The Permanente Medical Group: appointment

All you need for this is a computer that is connected to the internet and you should be a member of a Kaiser Permanente health Plan.

After arranging the above-mentioned clauses, follow the below-mentioned Instructions:

  1. Firstly go to the website of Permanente Group’s My Doctor Online. URL for that is
  2. You can enter a name of the doctor if you already know him and then hit the button marked “Search Directory”, and the information about the Doctor will be on your screen. A button marked “Choose a Doctor” will be there for your assistance for choosing the Doctor.
  3. If you are having the health record information on hands than click on “Go to Search” and then enter your name and health record number in the respected fields and click on “Sign in to Choose” and proceed further.
  4. There is a feature of searching doctor by location, by specialty, by availability, by Gender, by language, etc. 
  5. Now you can select the Doctor and can have his/her information and you can contact that doctor and fix the appointment accordingly.

You can check out the this any questions related to The Permanente Group website and even check out the terms and conditions page.

Those who are having a membership of Kaiser Permanente health plan, should without fail to take advantage of this helpful service and it will make the task of finding the “Right Doctor at Right Time” easy for you.

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