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Fantage Login Page: It is an imagination world where there are online kids games. It is a virtual world with numbers of online games and other activities like dressing up games and the cartoon avatars from hair color to clothes. Play dress up for girls is a big thing. Fantage came into the market in 2008 and was special design for the age group of 6 to 16. Hidden object games are also favorite one in the kids.

By the year 2012,  there were 16 million registered users from across the world and this user gets the basic home  where he gets the  option to open that home  with everyone but if one has to avail more benefit and want to play games in detail, he needs to purchase the premium Fantage membership accounts.

With this premium membership accounts, a user can purchase more elaborate homes and decorate the same with items bought with virtual currency and also can display their home on the user home map and can get the monthly allowance of 5000 stars, can collect all pets and purchase the double star coupons for the games. After login user can play dressing up games, hidden object games, online strategy games and much more.

For the safety purpose one need not have to worry as they design their site keeping in mind the child safety and the features of this safety are:

  1. One can have professional chat 
  2. There is automatic word filtering,
  3. In game user reporting system is available
  4. Chat option for parents is provided by the site.

Way to purchase Fantage Membership account online

It is very beneficial to purchase the Fantage Premium membership as one can avail more benefit than any free user who is not registered. It is very easy and simple to purchase the membership as for the same one just needs to have a computer with internet access, personal information on hand and details regarding the payment as for how you are going to make the payment for the membership.


  • Visit the website 
  • There on the top of the page click the icon stating “Membership” and choose the duration of which you want to have membership and click the icon “checkout
  • If you have the username and password for Login then directly login to the site and proceed further and if not, then in that case you need to get register first with the site by providing your personal details.
  • Make the payment by following the instruction given on the website and complete the process of purchasing a membership.

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