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DSW is a Dutch based health insurance company located in Netherlands. User can manage their account online through DSW Zorgverzekeraar Inloggen at www.mijn.dsw.nl page. They provide financial support to the customers via health insurance. Mijn DSW is one of the best Insurer of Netherlands.

DSW Zorgverzekeraar Inloggen

On the official website you can get two options like, DSW Inloggen voor verzekerden and Inloggen voor zakelijke relaties. In Netherlands nine insurers and hundreds of labels you can choose from. Why would you choose a health insurance of DSW? Are there any differences?

DSW Zorgverzekeraar Inloggen is very easy. You can access it by visiting the website www.mijn.dsw.nl.

Mijn.DSW.nl Vision

Health insurer DSW is a health insurance company with 600,000 policyholders. The company believes everyone has a right to accessible and affordable health care of high quality. Therefore DSW Zorgverzekeraar care and participates DSW involved in numerous healthcare-related projects. Make sure it is collected more than premium and pay bills. Characteristic of DSW.nl are Involvement in care and excellent relationship with their customers and with the caregivers.

Mijn.dsw.nl inloggen is necessary to manage their online services. What they strive for as an organization is reflected in their slogan “good for you”. This term stands for everything you want to experience their policyholders. It is not unpretentious aim to express what DSW as an organization have a future situation. It gives more than anything what their policyholders expect from them.

Such experience insured can only be achieved if the entire organization in behavior and communication this feeling evokes. For this reason, DSW Company clearly defined in the following five core values:

  • Close, human
  • Honest and Direct
  • Realistic and practical
  • Jointly
  • Opinionated

Close, human

DSW.nl is close to its policyholders and care. Their fixed and mobile offices, the DSW, thier customer, their website, Facebook and Twitter, they are easily accessible. The company treat their insured customers and certainly not as a number. This also applies to health care providers. DSW like to be involved in the care. That is why they participate in various care-related projects.

Honest and Direct

www.DSW.nl is open in their actions and communications. Openness creates trust, they are convinced. Therefore they make for years the first health insurer announced the new premium so their policyholders where they stand. DSW operates for years for all insured persons, individually and collectively, the same low, biting funding contribution. You can visit dsw zorgverzekeraar inloggen for more services.

Realistic and practical

DSW always keep their goal – good or better service – in mind. That act in their guide. Their policyholders can therefore count on fast, friendly and accurate service. For example, they ensure a smooth handling of notes; average within one week.


As a small organization, they can not do everything alone. Fortunately, they enjoy working together. With parties around them, as physicians, other health care providers and hospitals.


DSW like to go on their way. For example, they do not give discounts to communities, providing complete freedom of choice without a higher premium is requested and have no medical selection.

Thier policy works because the customers are satisfied. Independent organizations such as Samré, regularly examine the customer satisfaction about their health care. According to these studies DSW has been one of the best health insurance.

MijnDSW Inloggen Zorgverzekeraar Services Provide to their customers

Payment information

Everything you need to know about paying the premium and the deductible

  • Information about their various payment options
  • What happens when a payment?
  • Read more about the payment for the excess

Payment options

A clear view of all payment options.

  • These options apply to both the premium and the deductible
  • Would you do not have to worry about your payments? Then choose direct debit
  • Customize your payment easily in the secure environment of MijnDSW

Payment methods of DSW

Automatic collection

If you pay by direct debit, they will collect your health insurance premium and deductible from your bank account.In the first week of the new term of payment (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly) premiums are collected. After a collection has not been executed is sent to a payment request (see below).

When you close before 31 December, or early January signed into DSW Zorgverzekeraar as newly insured (January 1), the first direct debit will be slightly later. This has to do with the later adjustment of your registration in their system. The first automatic collection will then be shifted to early February. If you have chosen a monthly direct debit, you should note that the months of January and February will be collected at once. But if you’ve made a change after January 1 (your voluntary excess) which will affect the premium amount will be settled in February with the premium.

Pay Mail

You will receive an email with a payment request.

Payment Request

In this case you will receive a letter with a request for payment. This is the total amount and make the request this to them quoting the payment reference based on your preference correspondence, send it by mail.

Giro Map

If your payment is on giro, you will receive at the beginning of your payment term (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly) giro. The due date stated on the invoice. Your deductible note you will receive a giro, once you have made healthcare costs.

Correspondence Preference

If you have a digital correspondence preference, you will not receive paper giro by mail. This applies to both the premium and the deductible.

Payment Discount

Insured premiums for the basic need (and also for the additional insurance) meet monthly in advance. Would you pay for a longer period ahead, you get a discount even if you choose a voluntary excess result in a discount on your premium.


Basic insurance

The basic insurance is mandatory for everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands. You can rely on emergency medical care, including hospital and doctor assistance. Everyone pays the same premium at DWS: 2017 € 108 per month (€ 1,296 per year). They offer a free choice of health care provider, but still DSW closed with almost all healthcare providers in the Netherlands contracts.

  • Everyone is accepted, regardless of age or health
  • Everyone pays the same premium, no group discount
  • A higher voluntary excess of premium is possible
  • health insurance policy is a combination of free care choice
  • Children under 18 are insured free

DSW health insurance is a combination of policy in 2017. By combining policy, you are free to choose a health care provider and have the benefits of contracted care. To take care of insured good and affordable and also to ensure that the choice of their policyholders, they deal with as many health care providers agree on the quality and price.

DSW has almost all care agreement but at least all hospitals and big institutions. If a hospital or institution shows still are negotiating with us, you will get your care yet fully reimbursed.

  • In any case, if you go to a non-contracted care provider, they reimburse still a reasonable rate.

Student Insurance

Do not worry with the AV student

During your studies you love you with anything and everything working. Your health and your health insurance are things that you do not have to worry. Make yourself comfortable and select the AV Student DSW. An additional insurance they have specially adapted to students. The premium is only € 14.25 in 2017 (the same amount as in 2016) per month.

If you qualify for AV student in 2017:
  • You are between 18 and 27 years old
  • You are a full-time student
AV Student offers advantages
  • Fees are geared to students
  • Invoices are paid on average within 2 days
  • Simply submit declarations through the app or website

The additional insurance

The benefits at DSW

  • Surprisingly comprehensive and competitively priced
  • Children under 18 insured free
  • For the AV no medical selection
  • No individual dental insurance required
  • Choice of AV Compact, AV standard, AV or AV Top Student.

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