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Droz.com work creatively in order to bring tangible and measurable results. They have scorecard process which keeps the project on track with the benchmarks, regular updates, and a winning attitude. They work on behalf of the company in order to make their marketing plan in such a way that it attract more and number of customer and for the same they work on the following point wherein

  • Strategy they try to define goals, identify the target audience and develop the tactics which help the company to reach to their customer easily
  • In  Branding they try to do visual identification and tries to articulate the message
  • They also design the  website and direct  marketing material ,
  • They also create Advertising on behalf of the customer which generate the excitement and articulate your branding
  • They try to maintain public relations which encourage the editorial and news coverage. In short, they prepare marketing plans for different companies (their client) as per the company requirements and needs.

One can also download free audio programs on strategies to increase the value of your professional services, strategies for growing a legal practice CD etc; can watch free videos online on marketing and how to promote your brand, can read free articles etc.

Droz and Associated offer variety of Diagnostic tools measurement methods and other assessment techniques which help to make a plan and implement the marketing programs. Marketing Quotient is one out of all

About Droz.com Marketing Quotient

Marketing Quotient (MQ) is a self-assessment technique which helps to evaluate, understand and improve the marketing principles. MQ technique consists of 10 questions and one has to give an answer to each and every question and then one will receive the MQ score and then he can analyze and correct the answer. One needs to give answer in true or false

Way to take Droz and Associates Marketing Quotient Online

  • Visit the homepage of Droz. www.Droz.com, their click on “Info to go” on the right-hand side of the page in the black row.
  • The page will open in which click on “Self Assessments” at the top
  • Then click on “Take the Test’
  • “Evaluate the marketing smarts” page will open there click below on any one out of two
    • Branding 01
    • Tactics 01
  • There give all the  answer for the given question in true or false and click on “Grade me”
  • Thereafter you can view the feedback of all your answer as they will feed you back.
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