Droz and Associate’s One Day Marketing Plan Workshop to Market Assessment

About Droz.com and Associate’s

Droz and Associate are consultant companies which provide different strategies and tactics to improve the business plan in all aspects and increase the market value of their client company. For the same, they try to find the target customer and try to maintain the public relation in the best way.

They also focus on advertisement too so that customer can focus on the company products and on the brand name. Droz works together with its client and creates a new and compelling solution that generate results and help clients in accomplishing their goal.

About the “The one-Day marketing plan”

Droz provides “The one-Day Marketing Plan” to those who are eager to reach the next level of their business but at the lowest cost. This concept is specially designed for small and mid-sized companies and division of larger companies. It includes current marketing practices, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the companies and also helps in making specific strategies in order to differentiate the company products and services and help in growing the business.

This process is conducted by Dan Droz. It can be done in their office or at client office. They provide a roadmap to their client in order to differentiate and help to grow their company in every way. This includes both the external and internal assessment. By carrying on this activity it becomes easy for the company to understand their own business in a different unique way and by this, they can manage the same in the best way.

To follow this process, one just needs to spend few minutes to complete the application form and then you will be invited to attend the “the one day Marketing Plan” workshop. During this workshop, you will be able to get the different information about your company regarding accounting information, capital market, industry and market research etc.

Way to experience the “1 Day Marketing Plan” at Droz.com


  1. Valid Email address
  2. Computer with Internet Access


  • Visit the home page of Droz at www.droz.com there at the below click on the link heading with “The 1 day Marketing Plan
  • The web page related to this will open, go through the details and fill the details below like Name, Company name, Phone number, Email address and click “Submit
  • For more detail regarding this same, one can contact at 1.800.837.2705.

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