Dekkingsgraad Pensioenfondsen ABN Amro

The funding ratio is the percentage that gives a picture of the financial position of a pension fund. It shows the relationship between the assets (the pension assets) and the pensions that has to pay now and in the future (the pension liabilities). Now let’s check Dekkingsgraad Pensioenfondsen ABN Amro.

Dekkingsgraad ABN Amro Pensioenfonds

When or the media talk about the funding ratio, we are talking about the economic and policy funding ratio. Read how high they are and which coverage ratios we take into account.

This month’s dekkingsgraad

Every 15th of the month publish the current coverage. View last month’s percentage at here.

The different dekkingsgraad

  • The economic funding ratio
  • The policy funding ratio
  • The Future-Proof Indexing Coverage Ratio
  • The strategically required funding ratio
  • The minimum required funding ratio

Economische dekkingsgraad

The economic funding ratio is the most current funding ratio. Using the current interest rate, calculates the value of the investments (the pension assets) and the value of the liabilities (the pension obligations).


The policy funding ratio is the average funding ratio over the past 12 months. calculate the pension obligations differently than for the economic funding ratio. How? It is based on the interest rate term structure established by De Nederlandsche Bank. De Nederlandsche Bank determines whether a pension fund has a deficit on the basis of the policy funding ratio. The policy funding ratio also determines the indexation policy and the reduction policy of the pension fund.

The other coverage ratios

The Future-Proof Indexing funding ratio is important for their indexation policy. The strategically required funding ratio indicates whether they have sufficient buffer to remain above a funding ratio of 100% the following year. The minimum required funding ratio indicates the minimum that they do not want to fall below, because then a funding shortfall threatens.

At ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds; they take care of the pensions of all participants. They also explain the possibilities, limitations and risks of your pension. To be able to do this, they have made agreements and keep abreast of financial developments. Read all about this organization and policies on the official website.

You can check more details for Dekkingsgraad Pensioenfondsen ABN Amro at here .