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Chase Select Private Student Loan Application & Reviews

Students need to take a loan in order to pay for their tuition fees and other expenses for their higher education. With a view to help students, Chase bank offers very attractive student loan application program. All the details about the education loan are provided at Their customer can access it. Given below are some more information and reviews about the educational loan program offered by them.

Who qualifies for a Chase Select private student loan?

A Chase banking customer who has savings, checking or deposit account or if the customer is either an existing loan account holder or a Chase credit card account holder can qualify for the Chase student select loan.

Repayment plans for the Chase Select student loan program

A student can pay off his Chase Select student loan in one of the three different repayment plans offered. These options are discussed below.

Immediate repayment

Under this repayment option, the student has to start paying while the student is still in the school. Here the parents can help the student to pay off the loan.This plan is an ideal repayment option as the loan payment starts earlier and as such, there is a lot of savings on interest to be paid. Students who working in campus jobs and earning good amount of money can also consider accepting this option and saving interest expenses considerably.

Interest only repayment

This option is also a quite effective repayment option. In this option, the student needs to pay towards the interest only and not the principal amount while he is studying and as such savings will be considerably less than the immediate repayment plan. Once the student completes education, he will start paying towards principal. This option is preferred by students whose parents or students themselves can only set aside small cash for a monthly repayment.

Deferred repayment

This option is very expensive repayment option. Though it is very popular as many repayment options as many students can no rePay while they are doing studies and their parents are also not able to support for paying it. Under the deferred repayment plan, the student will start paying off their loan once they complete studies and starts earning.

Apply for student loan with cosigner 

Finding a Cosigner for student loans: One opting to get a student loan from Chase must apply at The application needs get approved. And for approval, if one is having less than stellar credit or does not have a very good credit score, then he stands a chance of securing a successful loan approval by applying with a cosigner.

One can refer to FAQ for answers to common questions regarding getting a student loan and other related problem at the official website.

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