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About cost of living comparison calculator is a subsidiary of Kenexa. The company provide compensation-related resources to their client in order to help them in succeeding in the business world (compensations is the payment a business gives to its employees in exchange for their service). Here we will discuss on cost of living calculator. It is a compensation human resource management solution company. Compensation professionals help the company to provide the service in the best way. advise the company in the matter  as how to write the initial business plan or help them in choosing the best technology that will help them to grow their business and also advice  on some of the important topic such as human resources, compensation, technology, finance and marketing which ultimately help them to flourish their business. Carried out Mom Survey every year. In its online mom salary calculator, one can estimate and calculate the amount of the salary one mother should get if she is paid. We never realize what our mom do for us and for our family and how much time they spend on each job every week we can say every hour. In 2012, surveyed over 8000 moms to find out what are the different jobs which are very time consuming for any mom.

About Kenexa

Kenexa starts its business by providing the recruitment services to a broad range of industries in the year 1987. Now Kenexa Corporation serve employment and retention solution which help in assisting an organization in hiring and keeping workers. The company acquired in August 2010. In 2008 Kenexa declares as 10th on Forbes fastest growing technology companies.

Way to calculate the Mom’s salary online

A computer with internet access
Need to have some basic knowledge about your mom as what your mom do on the daily basis.


  • Go to the homepage of
  • Their click on the button “Calculate now” in the box saying “is your mom worth six-figure
  • To start,  click on the button “calculate your Mom Salary
  • There you need to select the number of children your mom has and type the mom between stay-at-home and working and then click “calculate
  • Enter you zip code and make the data and click “GO
  • Start entering the data further by mentioning the time your mom spends on every job in the list.
  • Click on the button “go” to view the paycheck that your mom deserves to have and print the same and give the same to your mom

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