Best Place to Buy Safeway Gift Cards

Safeway is one of the largest supermarket chains with over 1700 retail stores and online sales in US and Canada. From free delivery of grocery items to loyalty rewards at the gas stations, there is an endless array of benefits to get when shopping for the daily essentials at the Safeway stores. While you can make the best out of the $5 Friday bonanza, add exciting offers to the Club card with ‘Just for U’ digital coupons, and shop from the exclusive partner brands, using the Safeway gift cards is convenient to shop with anytime at all participating restaurants and retail stores.

Herein is a concise guide on what works best when you buy Safeway gift cards online Canada alongside the things everyone should know before getting one.

About Safeway Gift Cards

There are 300+ Safeway gift cards to choose from depending on your purchases and usage preferences. These cards are issued by the Safeway Gift Cards LLC. Depending on the received requests online or at the store the cards are distributed by the Blackhawk Network, Inc. It is very easy to purchase a Safeway gift card available at stores as well as online. You can purchase gift cards for any amount- from $15-$500 (maximum). You can purchase a gift card for personal use or even buy the egift card for someone else. This can be the perfect gift for anyone allowing you to send the card directly to the email of the recipient.

Where Can I Redeem the Safeway Gift Cards?

The Safeway gift cards are accepted at all 1700+ retail stores, in-store pharmacies and their eCommerce website alongside the Safeway companies including Tom Thumb, Vons, Carrs, Randall, Pavilion, and all others listed on the card.

For further information on gift cards Canada, you may call the Safeway customer services helpline- 1-877-258-2799.

How to Buy Safeway Gift Cards

You can either purchase the Safeway gift cards at any of the store locations or apply online. It is very easy to purchase the gift card online by filling in some basic details. You may additionally send a gift card to someone else by adding the recipient’s mail address or even deliver an egift card via email address.

To purchase the Safeway gift card online follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official Safeway gift card landing page
  • Click the link- ‘Visit Gift Card Mall’*
  • Choose Safeway cards from the list of options on their homepage
  • On the electronic form select the delivery option- egift or mail depending on whether you want a physical plastic card or digital coupon
  • Set the card amount using the drop down menu
  • Select the number of cards you want to purchase and click ‘Continue’
  • On the following page, you may set any preferred delivery date (the earliest possible date of receipt is already set)
  • Fill in the sender’s and receiver’s information
  • Add a card message (optional)
  • Provide the email address and hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button
  • On the following page, follow the instructions to complete the purchase

*There are numerous sites selling Safeway gift cards depending on your requirements. The Gift Card Mall is officially linked to the Safeway website for quick access and hassle-free purchase online.

Safeway Gift Card Restrictions

The Safeway gift cards are redeemable for purchasing in-store merchandize goods, at the pharmacies and all other locations listed on the card. There is no limit on how many purchases you can make on a single card until there is sufficient amount in the account balance.

However, the card is not acceptable for purchasing the non-merchandize products including another gift card, lottery, money orders etc.

Note: Purchasing any of the Safeway gift cards online does not count for gas points on your account.

To buy Safeway gift cards online Canada, visit