Become an Airbnb Host to Earn Passive Income by Renting Your Property

Whether you have a tree house, a massive luxury resort or a small container home, there is a splendid opportunity to put your home on rent for Airbnb travelers and earn decent income whenever someone books a stay. Even more, you can win awesome Airbnb credits for renting your property to the travelers besides cash income. No matter where you live or have a property to put on rent, joining the Airbnb group is easy, fun and a great opportunity.

How to become an Airbnb host?

With Airbnb hosting, you can set your own hosting terms, set prices or choose the way you want to interact with the guests. Airbnb offers Host Protection Insurance for any damage caused to your property by the guests and much more.

Steps to Become Airbnb Host

  1. Create Listing for Your Property on Airbnb Rent: Listing a property on Airbnb is extremely easy and free of cost. You need to give a brief description of your property such as available space, amenities, how many guests you can accommodate etc. Put some photos to give a clear idea of what the guests can expect while on stay. You are free to set your own price for the rent or even take help of the Airbnb pricing tool to get an idea.
  2. Welcome Guests: You will get the information well in advance before the guests appear. You can have a detailed communication on the Airbnb messaging system. You may send the door code or even welcome your guests in person with the key. Accordingly, you may clean the spaces, offer toiletry products and other amenities they will be able to use during the stay.
  3. Receive Your Payment Directly from Airbnb: You do not have to negotiate with the guests for the payments. Guest pays the rent in advance to Airbnb before checking in. Once, they check in successfully, Airbnb will automatically transfer payments to your account. You can set any of the available payment methods including PayPal, direct bank deposit, international wire transfer etc. Airbnb deducts 3% service fee and sends the remaining amount to your account.

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Get Fabulous Discounts on Travel Bookings with Airbnb Coupon Code

When it comes to booking accommodation during a holiday, using the Airbnb coupon codes gives great discounts preventing you from getting big holes in your pocket by the end of your journey. While most people think that, you get deals for the Airbnb coupon code first booking only, you will be surprised to redeem more coupon codes in future even after the first booking.

Anyone can get the Airbnb promo code through referral. When a new member clicks through the referral link for sign up, he/ she is entitled to receive the first time coupon code upon making a booking worth $75 or above. While you get the sign up promo code, the person referring you also earns Airbnb credit for redeeming during the next travel bookings.

How to Get the Airbnb Coupon Code

You need to sign up with Airbnb to be able to redeem your first ever coupon code from a host. The first booking coupon code may range from $30 to $40 (Airbnb changes the coupon offers from time to time). You will be able to redeem the coupon code on bookings worth $75 or higher.

Redeeming the Airbnb coupon code first booking is very easy following the steps below:

  • Find and click the link titled ‘Redeem a coupon’ on the checkout page (the link is stated just below the payment method)
  • Enter the promo code
  • Click the ‘Apply’ button

Based on the discount value in your coupon, you will get waiver off on your payment amount.

Do you still have questions about the Airbnb bookings and coupon codes? Do you want more details to become an Airbnb host to earn cash for renting property? Then you may visit Airbnb’s FAQs page for more details.