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With AFAS software, you can automate and optimize all your business processes. That way you have more time for really important things. If you face any problem for afas klantportal inloggen, pocket app, inloggen via collega afas,, mijn afas carintreggeland and Mijnafas then let’s check solution. Streamline all your business processes with one system.

More than 12,000 organizations in the Netherlands rely on AFAS Software. Their official website is The processes of many organizations are basically the same. So why reinvent the wheel for every company? That is why AFAS have one standard product that you can tailor to your organization without programming. Meekijken Inloggen

You use the Meekijken Inloggen platform to log in via two-factor authentication or single sign-on. Then you start Profit Windows (this runs in Citrix) or InSite. You can manage your account at Mijnafas

Two-factor authentication

With two-factor authentication you can access AFAS Online inloggen. You log in with e-mail address + password and you confirm the login via your smartphone. This can be done at the push of a button if you use AFAS Pocket. If not, you will receive a text message with a confirmation code. Logging in by SMS will stop as of 1/1/2021.

Single sign on

If you do not want to log in with the standard AFAS inloggen method, you can use your own solution. You then log in via single sign-on (SSO), where you as an organization determine how you want users to log in.

When using SSO, you as an organization are responsible for the security of your login method and the protection of your data. Management and maintenance are also the responsibility of the organization itself. Collaborative users always log in using two-factor authentication.


Profit Windows runs in Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace. If this program is not installed, it will be installed automatically when you start Profit for the first time. In many organizations, the administrator will install Receiver or Workspace on your computer. It is possible to use Profit Windows in a browser (you then use the web version of Citrix). You cannot print in the web version and the favorites in Profit are not saved.

Mijn afas carintreggeland Inloggen

Inloggen Mijn afas carintreggeland is very easy. Carintreggeland offers you access to your electronic client file. On this page you will find information and we explain how you can login.

MyCaRe is the electronic client file that Carintreggeland uses. Here we keep track of the care you receive. With the MyCaRe Client Portal you can look into this yourself.

You login with a username and password at mijnafas When you log in for the first time with your username, you do not have a password yet. You then click on forgot password and you will receive a password at the email address that we have in the file.

Go to page. Automate your HR processes with AFAS HRM software. With the AFAS online inloggen and AFAS software you can arrange matters such as salary processing, leave, absenteeism and recruitment & selection with one mouse click. Streamline all HR processes and minimize their administration.

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